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Take A Leap of Faith and...


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...tomorrow, before the holiday begins, go out and buy this cd. Don't be put off by the fact that this is selling like hotcakes.

Boomers will tune in on it, youngsters will approve.

Fits well with this time of the year for some reason. I recommend putting it on after the 4th barbecue, about sunset. From there you can go either uptempo or chill out, nostalgia or new. However it works out, buy it and play it at least once over the next few days.

You folks have been great over the last couple of years, in suspending belief and going along with many of my sillier posts. This is sort of a thank you that I hope will yield you real musical pleasure.

So trust me, what could possibly go wrong.[:D]

Amy Winehouse, "Back to Black"


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While I haven't heard this CD, I do hear it comes recommended too. Perhaps you guys can confirm or comment:

The Eric Gales Band (Rock and Blues)

Hey Thebes, does that recommendation also come w/a 30 second or 30 foot guarantee, whichever comes first...... also? One of my past jobs as an auctioneer's helper! Man, that Pete Richardson had a ton of hilarious slogans.

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buy the cd. it is good.
read the reviews on the vinyl over on AA. most who have bought the vinyl are complaining about the pressing. they love the music, but not the pressing.

good choice thebes.


Danny, I thank you very much for affirmation. I tends towards qualifiers in describing music and such a bold assertion on this recommendation made me nervous.

For a jazzier take on her, try her first Brit release album now widely available here: Amy Winehouse, "Frank" .

Didn't know they had released it on vinyl. Hope they don't do it with Frank because there are two tracks with fake crackles and pops to make those cuts sound like an lp.

Klipsched, I"m a painting contractor. I offer my world famous "Tail Light" guarantee. You don't like my selection, call my Complaint Department and ask for "Knuckles". He'll fix you right up.

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OK, I'm sounding like a bit of a prude, but what's up with the advisory for "explicit lyrics"?

A lot of her lyrics do have four letter words especially on "Frank" so yeah some caution is in oder. There are probably numerous sites that will let you play a sample or two.

Here's a review I posted a few weeks ago:


OB, buy it you'll like it.

Bought mine at Best Buy for $12.

Feedbacks/reviews from any who already have or those that buy it are encouraged.

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