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Front Klipsch.com center channel placement


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Anyone else notice on the pciture of the front of Klipsch.com with the big sony XBR looking TV in the modern looking room, that the center channel speaker is below the tv, and looks like it's pointing right at the center of the coffee table?

I noticed this because right now I have my center channel on top of my TV stand, sitting right at the base of my TV, but when I upgrade, I might be putting the speaker lower, sort of where it is in this picture.

Is this placement frownd upon? Or does it not really matter, since Klipsch is showing it pointing right at the bottom of a coffee table?

Will this make any difference?

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Now I see it. In my opinion, I would say that is poor speaker placement. The only way that could be ok is if they angled it slightly upward and the sound cleared the table, but I don't even think that is possible in that setup. One that I love is when I have seen "professional installers" install the center channel near on the bottom floor like in the image below. I'm not an audiophile but in my knowledge of speakers, tweeters are pretty directional. If you have a tweeter firing at your feet, I cannot see how that is proper speaker placement. If it is on the floor and angled upward towards the height of your head, that would be ok. I have always read that with front speakers, ideally you want to have the tweeter of each speaker the height of where your head will be when sitting down on your couch, chairs etc. Just my 2 cents.


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