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Surrounds KSP-S6


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My KSP-S6 don't sound as I think they should.

I feel that my KLF - 30 mains totally shut them down. They also shut down C-7 center.

Perhaps I didn't set up speaker configuaration on my reciever right. Right now I have all my speakers at 0 db?. Should they be equal? What is the most common conf.

I don't have a sub. What should the base level be on my mains? Now I have it at 0 as well. Sorry if this may not sound clear.


Denon AVR-2801




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Boris - You probably don't want all the level settings to be at 0db. Get your hands on an SPL (sound) meter from Radio Shack (the analog version, if you can find it, is the one to get and it runs about $35). Use it to calibrate your system using the built in "pink" noise generator in your Denon or with a calibration DVD like Avia or Video Essentials. You'll want them all to have the same volume relative to your listening position, and it probably won't be at 0db.

The bass level on your mains should be set to what sounds good to you. You are probably OK to leave it at 0, but if you want more/less bass feel free to raise/lower the bass setting in the Denon.


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Hold the sound level meter at ear level with the mic pointing up. Do not block the meter with your head.

Using the pink noise tones in your receiver, get all the channels within 1 dB of each other. This will require much higher setting for the KSP-S6's than for the KLF-30's since the 30's play louder for any given input power (higher efficiency). Some say to set the level at 85 dB, but there is some argument over this. Depends on whether you are a 'loud' listener or not. You might want to use a higher reference setting if you are a loud kinda user.

Set the meter to 'A' weighting and 'slow' for this test. When you get the meter, you will understand. Turn the big wheel to 80 and get the volume to hit +5. You will then be at 85 dB for each speaker at your listening position .

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