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Klipsch RF-7 with Quiet tweeters


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How much sound is supposed to actually come out of the horns? I was playing some Chopin and you can hear them up close, but they are very quiet and nearly all the sound is comming from the main speakers. I have DeanG crossovers in there, and they sound good. I suppose I'm just wondering, is this normal? Do the tweeters just fill in some noise and a bit of light highs for the main speakers, or is something wrong?

Thanks for your help oh guru's of sound!


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Klipsch marketing states:

"The high quality crossover networks of
the RF-7 are carefully designed for a seamless blend between the lower
midrange and upper bass frequencies."

Klipsch engineering states:

"Crossover frequency 2200Hz"

Now 2200Hz is in the low end of the highest octave on a piano, which I don't consider to be "between the lower
midrange and upper bass frequencies

Except of piccolo and organ there are no fundamental frequencies really coming from instruments above about 4000Hz - everything above is harmonics. With the Heritage line the upper crossover was usually around 4500, in the Heresy 6000. At this extreme the tweeter was certainly all harmonics. With the RF-7 crossing at 2200Hz there might be some high end tones coming through but maybe not much.

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Here is an interesting picture of the ranges. The inch numbers are meant to show what size direct radiator will work in a range (green is good, yellow is pushing it).

The band on the bottom shows all but the most raely played notes in dark purple (the light purple is the top and bottom octave of the piano). So here you can see that the RF-7 crossover is in the top octave of the piano and in the frequency range above where few instruments can reach or ever play.


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HAHA- I hope Dean reads this.

Also- THANK YOU ALL! That was exactly what I was looking for and even better you improved my over all knowledge in the process. I'll eat dinner tonight in your honor... I'd give it up as an offering to the forum.... but I'm sooooo hungry right now, and ever since I caught my dad eating Santa's cookies, cookies I made, FOR Santa!, I've tried to find other ways to appease deities, even web based ones, like remembering to turn off unlit gas burners, and not reformatting my computer no matter how much it deserves that mess. It's all, "please let me live" and I've written on it in white out "Tabula Rasa" just to remind it who's in charge around here.

But as a compromise, you are all welcome to come over for dinner. We're having Chery Almond Tofu Salad with Pita's... it's true... this is how one eats when one's wife is a chef... not rubbing it in mind you...You guys rock!


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