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Yamaha RX-V2700 & RF83 system--good match?


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should be a good match. I suggest calling Yamaha and checking which, if any, online retailers are authorized (therefore carrying full warranty). My guess is that, like Klipsch, authorized online retailers only carry discontinued goods.

For those bemoaning the lack of good local stereo shops to audition Klipsch speakers- shop locally only please. Internet and big box stores have been the death of many a fine audio emporium.

Shop locally whenever possible please, our industry depends on it.


Michael you post a good idea however there is a dearth of local and big box stores that actually carry Klipsch products these days. A good percentage of what is listed in my area as authorized dealers are not audito outlets at all and they have little or no products on the floor to speak of. A good many of them are installers whose product is there installation package. They can ususally order the product you want but cannot demostrate or audition it for you.

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I have the RF-83 complete system (to include RC-64 center, RS-62 surrounds & the RT-12d sub); I went to my local dealer to ask about what kind of deal he could do. He was primarily an installer & had to order the system, but even with the retail @ $6400.00, he let me have it all for only $4200.00 tax included! Can't beat that.

I power this system with a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver (200 wpc x 7) I purchased used from eBay in like-new condition for $2000.00 (it had been a demo model) and this combo is ASTOUNDING. Highly recommend both systems!

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