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Will I have to upgrade my Center

Bill H.

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God, does it ever end?

Bill, not that is funny. No it never really ends. That why most of us are here everyday. Because it can get better. If you do buy those RF7's, and I hope you do, I want a pair myself, you will love them. But after a bit, you will want to upgrade your amp because the 7's will sound so much better with a better source. Not that anything is wrong with your reciever, but with most the can't really compete with good seperates.

You really should upgrade to the proper center too, it's a match made in heaven.


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Are you certain you're getting RF7s? If you get them, try it out with the RC35 and see if you notice much timbre change across the center channel. Of course getting the RC7 would be the best match, but see if the RC35 works for you first. I certainly wouldn't let that be a deciding factor on whether or not to get the RF7s.

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