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PWB foil application


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The Belt folks have been at this for quite a while and they have their share of converts. This is at the very extreme of tweaking. Try it and decide for yourself if there is a benefit, but I wouldnt' tell my friends.

Now, about that foil under your hat...

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I didn't know Peter Belt was still around. Back in the early 80's he was almost single handedly responsible for the schism that has developed between the "subjectivists" and the "objectivists" - that is, between people who say if you hear a difference and you can't measure a difference, you're measuring the wrong thing, and the folks who say if you think you hear a difference that can't be measured, then you're fooling yourself.

Peter Belt falls somewhat to the, uh, subjectivist side. Just a little bit left of center...

I have cut and pasted a section off their website describing the mechanism and action of one of their products. This product is a little alligator clip with a short piece of wire attached. Looks very much (to me, anyway) like the $0.79 alligator clip you buy in Radio Shack.

Peter Belt's version costs $750.00s>

Please do not shoot the messenger. I do not believe everything that can be heard can be measured, but then again, I don't call 1-900 numbers for tarot card readings, either.

Please do not read the following without either (a) a very, very open mind, (B) a good sense of humor, © a total lack of of understanding of grade school physics, or (d) having your blood pressure medication handy.

**** Peter Belt's Text Follows ****

The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is capable of manipulating certain inanimate material into a condition that mimics the quantum state of our living senses. To understand the importance of such a technique, it is necessary to realise that the human senses evolved in a world long before most of the materials within the modern environment existed. The human senses evolved to interact with certain, specific, energy patterns - namely other relevant forms of life.

All objects interact with the basic environmental energy patterns such as gravity and energy in the form of light etc. Any object within the environment, by virtue of its interaction with these basic energy sources creates, depending upon the material, a distinctive energy pattern and the senses of human beings are incompatible with the energy patterns created by modern materials. It is erroneously assumed that any material produced naturally by nature is compatible with human beings. Refined metals are as unnatural to the human senses as any modern man-made plastic material.

The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is specifically designed to produce an energy pattern that is neutral and in a state of equilibrium. The crocodile clip is under tension at all times and we have applied techniques that equalise the mechanical pressure variations. This results in an energy pattern which is in a high state of gravitational energy equilibrium. Attached to the clip is a specially twisted, multistranded combination of copper and the pattern of the twisted copper is such that a high degree of energy control is exercised. Copper has a very distinctive energy resonant pattern and when the clip is attached to another object which contains a quantity of copper, the Quantum Clip will exercise a high degree of control, via the copper, over the object to which it is attached. Removing the clip will release the object from a high state of quantum equilibrium and return it to the form of energy pattern that is incompatible with the human senses. The P.W.B. Quantum Clip contains a very special feature that allows, within a broad range of normal conditions, a permanent change of state to occur within suitable objects to which it is attached.

The strands of twisted copper attached to the Clip have been coated with an alloy of metal - creating a highly effective thermal sensitive device. When a controlled heat source is applied to the extreme end of the twisted copper wire, a quantum particle effect is produced that greatly influences any suitable material to which the Quantum Clip is attached. After the thermal excitation, the effect within the object to which the Clip was attached is, in normal conditions, permanent and is not affected when the object conducts electrical energy.

End of the wire

on the clip

where controlled

heat should

be applied.

The controlled heat that is required to excite the P.W.B. Quantum Clip is applied from one of the many types of readily available, inexpensive butane gas cigarette lighters. The lighter ignition system can be either a spark from a piezo electric or from a flint. The P.W.B. Quantum Clip is first used to manipulate the butane lighter. First apply a narrow strip of P.W.B. Quantum Rainbow Foil to the body of the lighter. Apply Quantum Cream to the Foil and tap, then all that is further required is for the clip to grip the body of the lighter and the lighter to be ignited. The operation of treating the lighter is then complete and the clip is then removed. It is not necessary to apply heat directly to the Clip during this, initial, operation - P.W.B. Quantum Clip controls the energy pattern of the lighter and the thermal activity of the flame when the lighter is ignited locks the pattern within the lighter.

A further material to which the P.W.B. Quantum Clip has been tuned is standard P.W.B. Rainbow Foil. Any object to which standard P.W.B. Rainbow Foil has been attached will, when the Clip is attached to the object, attain a high degree of equilibrium.

A large amount of the contents of our home is constructed from wood. This material is also erroneously considered to be natural. When wood is in the form of a growing tree, the energy pattern is of a living object and the root structure, when embedded in the earth, dominates the energy pattern. Once the tree has been cut and becomes dry timber, the energy pattern is unnatural and incompatible with the human senses. The Quantum Clip has been tuned to wood in the form of timber. Applying the Clip to an object constructed in part, of wood, changes the pattern to one compatible with the human senses.

**** End of Belt's Text ****

I think I'm gonna go throw up.

Ray Garrison


Music is art

Audio is engineering

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>>DJK - -how do you use it? What does is do that you can see on a spectrum analyzer?


>>It is for a military radio.If I tell you more they may have to send someone out to kill you(I always loved that line from Top Gun).I have a piece of copper foil about the size of an "O" stuck on the end of a plastic stick.I push it around on a circuit board trace that is about 17mills wide and watch the response of the amplifier change by as much as 3dB moving it less than 1/4".The spectrum analyzer is to watch for distortion sidebands at +/- 161Mhz from Fo that show up at -40*C.Did I mention the magnets? There is a "Y" junction on the circuit board and the magnets make sure the signal always turns left at the "Y".When my employer can't find tweek oriented audio people to work on this thing he usually looks for a voodoo practitioner. >>I use the foil on my amps and it does make a difference.

My feet are warmer, I love my wife nearly 10% more and the dog seems happier.


>>I get it.You are using the foil as a tube cage so you can put your feet on the amp.The dog ate the hamburger the foil was wrapped around.And the wife is happy you got rid of the freezer burned hamburger. >>BobG

Now, about that foil under your hat...

>>I work in a 8 x 8 x 8 room lined with copper screen.The foil goes into the trousers thank you.

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