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Klipsch Racing Sponsorship?


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Just a thought....with the introduction of the Speed Channel racing is becoming very popular again!

Yes and no, it depends on the form of racing. If you are on a top NASCAR team, then yes it is very popular. The IRL and CART series are both suffering since their split years ago when Tony George wanted to just race on ovals. It has killed open wheel racing in America because there are not enough good racers to go around and not enough competitive teams. Sad to see what was a great form of racing turn into a B movie. Formula 1 is great in Europe, but Bernie Ecclestone wants too much money and is doing his best to kill off that series with his own greed.

NASCAR sponsorship: Traditionally, a NASCAR team owner finances its operations by selling sponsor¬ships to the cars. A primary sponsor on a popular carsuch as Budweiser on Dale Earnhardt Jr.s No. 8 Chevy or Home Depot on Tony Stewarts No. 20 Chevyponies up somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 million per year. And then there are all of the associate sponsors who slap smaller decals onto the car and add millions more to the teams bottom line.

Here are 2005 rates: http://www.popularmechanics.com/automotive/motorsports/1750692.html

Primary sponsor (a sponsor can splash his name on the hood, rear quarter panels, transporter and the driver. Plus, the driver wears his sponsor's hat in the Winner's Circle., $15-18 mil,

Contingency Sponsor $5000 to $250,000

Prime real estate on all the cars in the race. Sponsors pay out to the drivers based on their performance. And they can pay NASCAR to be the official whatever: That really drives sales.

Personal Endorsements $500,000 and up

If a sponsor only contracts with the driver, the logo goes on his suit and he can appear in ads. But nothing may go on the car. Of course, the uniform rarely gets as banged up as the car.

Associate Sponsor $150,000 to $1.5 mil

The deck lid costs over a million, the quarter panels substantially less. The sheet metal is all salable real estate priced by the square inch. Prime TV exposure costs. So it's location, location, location.

It is not a cheap hobby and Klipsch may not be a big enough company. It also comes down to do race car fans buy the speakers that Klipsch sells. I do, but then again, I have late 70 Cornwalls, mid 80 Heresys and early 2000 Promedia 4's. I'm not really in the market for new speakers and that would be the reason why Klipsch would sponsor a race team.

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I do know NASCAR sponsorship is OUTRAGEOUS.......we got out of RCR once the contract expired (3 years after Dale Earnhardt's death). We sponsored Harvick for during that period.

Trivia....Jim Perdue and Dale Earnhardt Sr. were the same age, and I suppose that is how we got into NASCAR, cause Frank (Frank Perdue) surely showed no interest in promoting that hobby.

DID YOU KNOW? Dale Earnhardt Sr. raised chickens too! He had a farm in NC

Thank you for sharing the pics and summary

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After the IndyCar/CART split, there were a lot of local teams, teams with much lower budgets, teams that only competed to 'make the show' at the Indy 500. We were one of those. Lots of great chances for modest sponsorship dollars from local companies. We purchased last year's chassis, got top mechanics, stayed up all night tweaking, made the race several years in a row. There were some exciting times on bump day I can tell you.

When your driver puts his life on the line to run those 4 hot laps and comes in with a good qualifying time, you are absolutely on top of the world!


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Hey Colter,

You know that nifty little bumper sticker everyone got at the Pilgrimage? Well mine is proudly being displayed on the right quarter panel of my Street Stock Dirt car. Just a little appreciation for a great time at Indy this year.

P.S. I call DIBBS!!! Since I'm already giving advertisement on my car, if Klipsch ever gets back into advertising money .......

Oh, well. It was worth a try.[:P]

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