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Any Golf Nuts in Indy?


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I'm going to have some free time to play a round or two after the first of August. It will have to be during the week and between 9:00am and 4:00pm if anyone wants to smack the ball around a bit.

I'm not afraid of any of our courses around here. I should say I'm not ashamed of some of my scorecards. I can always find a suitable excuse. I played Eagle Creek, The "Stick", Ft. Harrison, pretty well and on a good day could even out Shank close to the house. I haven't hit the links in two years but I've hit the range at Orchard a couple times a month. Love the game. I have gotten older and time does take it's toll on the swing. I'll be rust ridden but I may be able to make a fair showing.

Anyway, I'd like to find some golf buddies. Raising a kid has kept the social life to a minimum. Now I've got school and daycare for sitters and have some free time coming up. I need some R&R.



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I gotta say I wouldn't have dreamed a golf thread would get shut down[:|]

Harry: sneak down to Ark & i'll play golf with ya. My partner & I played the annual 4-ball last weekend...lost in playoff..arghh. 2nd time this year.

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I know you intended this to be a serious thread; so I will be serious.

I seriously will take you golfing if you come to Southern California. We do have some nice courses and the weather isn't too bad either. Keep this offer in mind if you ever make a road trip out west. I have a good friend from my Coast Guard days that works for the post office in Indy. I owe him a visit and hope to make that trip next year--perhaps during pilgrimage week. [yes, movers & shakers of Klipsch--this needs to become a week-long festival] There are some innovative minds on this board--I'm sure we could go down in history with this idea--Woodstock, Monterey Pop Festival, US Festival, CalJam, The Klipsch Festival...Maybe we should have a planning meeting in Picky's basement? I'm starting to like this idea...

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