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Dolby Digital Decoder's?


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Does anyone have a recommendation on Dolby Digital Decoders? Do I need to buy a DD receiver? Do DD decoders exist in PCI card form? I'm new to this, anything will help. The main use is for DVD's.

I have a Pioneer DVD (16x)

RealMagic Hollywood Plus Mpeg Decoder

Soundblaster LIVE X-Gamer (not 5.1)

Klipsch Promedia's of course!


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I don't think the Hollywood+ allows you to downmix to 4 speakers. To get 4 speaker sound with the Hollywood+ buy a decoder and connect it with the spdif out.

I am buying an ADS2000 from MidiLand, but I also have an extra sub to use.

If you don't want to buy a dd decoder and your pc is fast enough just get rid of the H+ and use software - WinDVD multichannel is very nice, win win9x/me.


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