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Carver and RB5's


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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the carver c-1000a and the RB-5's. The C-1000a is rated at 200W/channel - is this too much (or any other A/V Receiver rated at 200w/channel) for the RB-5's too handle? (also interested in the Velodyne CT-150, but again unsure if this Carver is too much). Thanks in advance for your help. Happy holidays.

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I have no experience with the Carver stuff - but your main concern seems to be the power issue.

Too much power is better than not enough. Speakers are typically damaged from amplifiers being overdriven rather than being fed too much power.

I ran RB5's for some time with a 200 watt amp and they loved every wattcwm35.gif

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Every time the name Carver appears, I just have to take a poke. There are a few amps that I feel are not a good match for the super-efficient models of Klipsch. Carver is one. What he has done with class D amplifiers and small powered sub-woofers is remarkable, but his amps are not a good match to horns. Klipsch horns are super-efficient (95 dB/w/m or more).

At one point, I lived with a blue-gray solid state Carver (M1.5t?) amp capable of 750-watt peaks per channel. They drove by big old horns like a diesel engine on a go-cart. Lots of raw power. Every once in awhile, we would tempt fate and turn up the volume in my small 100 year old New England home. The live cannon shots on Telarcs 1812 Overture smacked the floor, tickled the toes, raised dust, rattled windows, impressed teenagers and created a tsunami sound wave big enough to flatten Tokyo. You could feel it all right. Even with out a sub woofer, my Cornwalls had no problems with this unusual musical piece.

The combination of the two components however did not make music. The noisy THD of the amp wore out my ears at normal listening levels and eventually, over a period of time listening, it lost its pleasure and "stereos" fell to the bottom of my hobby list.

200 watts is not too much for the Klipsch RB5s to handle; Carver is too much for your ears to handle. If you love the Carver, then I would consider really good radiator cone style speakers, such as the very well regarded PSB line in Canada or the B&W copies (Swan) from Diva.


Colin's Music System Cornwall 1s & Klipsch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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