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pc subwoofer?


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Not sure if any manufacturer sells just a sub by itself unless you contact them directly. I have a 2.1 Boston Acoustics setup and it sounds nice but I would rather have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system. It has much better highs and bass response than my BA Setup.

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Most come in a packages and the subwoofer a lot of the time outputs amplified signals to the satellites.

You could easily connect up a regular subwoofer to a computer with a Phono to RCA adapter hooked into the analog input of the sub. Typically there aren't 5.1 discrete outputs on a sound card so you would be using the front speaker output on the computer and using the sub's frequency filters. You could then use the sub's high level outs (if it has them) the pass the signal on to the fronts.

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