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HT system for new house


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Hi All,

I am building a new house and think I have the desired components and locations picked. I have had to make some compromises with The Wife, but I think I can work with this. Although I worked for a Klipsch dealer many years ago (actually met PWK), I am a basic newbie on HT stuff. Here's what I'm considering:

Sony 46" Bravio (LCD) mounted over fireplace.

RB-81's on the floor in the corners

RC-62 directly under the TV

R-5650-S in-walls for SS - The Wife says 'no speakers hanging on the wall'. These would be about 8' high in a 10' ceiling.

RW-10d - placed in a cubby hole under stairs created for this purpose. The Wife says no subwoofer taking up floor space.

I'll worry about the receiver later, but the speakers need to be accomodated in the building process. Some questions:

Is this a fairly well balanced (compatible components) system? Especially unsure about the in-walls.

Any concerns with the layout? I'm not looking for perfection, just a good balance with The Wife and system performance.

Do I need to be concerned about magnetic interference on the TV?

Thanks for any feedback!


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If you can drop the height of the surrounds to hearing level (4 ft?) you will be happier.

The sub should be fine there.

The center is shielded so there SHOULD be no concerns with TV interference.

You'll get better response/imaging if you move the main speakers in off the outer walls about 2-3 feet & tilt toward listening position about 10-15 degrees.

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Make sure you have a blower for your fireplace that blows that hot air out into the room..and not straight up to your TV.. This has been a MAJOR headache for a lot of installs especially plasma TV's which hate heat in any way!

I agree with others too bring in your left n right front speakers some..

I would suggest while people argue all the time where to put the sub... unless your room is just perfect... hehehehe It always makes sense to have it some place up front.. (I knwo I know some say not true.. but a explosion left... or right... or in front of you.. at least on the screen in front..should sound like it is from the front..and not beside you? )

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I'm kinda stuck with the height of the SS speakers as one is over a doorway (french door) and the other is over a wet bar. I'll try to keep them as low as possible - maybe can get them down to about 7'. Any thoughts on those particular in-walls (R-5650-S) with respect to compatibility with the RB-81s, etc? Is there a more compatible (in-wall) model?

Likewise, I don't have much choice on the mains as they will be located outside of the built-ins. I may take this up with the trim carpenter, but he too has to pass inspection from The Wife and I'm not thinking she's gonna let me split the cabinets with a speaker in the middle (ideal).

The fireplace will be a 'ventless gas-log' one and I don't know what options there are for a fan, but I'll certainly look into it. The TV will sit in a recessed area (about 12 inches) so that may give it some additional protection from rising heat. I guess I could even mount a small fan in the recess somewhere if necessary.

Thanks a bunch for the responses!

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