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vinyl guys, question about outer limits ring


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Bit of a risk here I would say. I have not seen the VPI outer ring but I do have the Clearaudio version. The Clearaudio version has a bevelled inside edge that pretty much automatically seats it exactly centrally on the inner ring (sold together now). If the VPI lacks this then you risk having an off-centre ring. This is not a good idea as it will cause undue stress and wear on the main bearing.

Like I say - not seen it - but I would give it a thorough examination before proceeding.

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it is my assumption that all the rings should be basically the same, as all lp's are 12" and the rings fit lp's cant i then assume that the vpi ring would fit a clearaudio table that is set up with a platter that can use a ring ???????????????????????


Not sure if the Clearaudio TT will take a VPI outer ring. Your assumption that all LP's are 12" is NOT true. I have the VPI ring and sometimes it does not sit on some of my LP's. Some LP's are press just a wee bit smaller.

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