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Pioneer Pro 110fd Plasma


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I have a Pioneer 5080, and it's nothing short of amazing. I did a TON of research on this television before I purchased it, and I'm really glad I chose this model. The 110FD should only be more impressive! I took some pictures of my setup with my KG 5.5 main speakers (KG 2.5 surrounds aren't visible in every pic). Here's the whole thread with lots more pictures! http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=919825

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rwilson: I only have the highest regard for Pioneer and Pioneer Elite Plasma displays. There's a 50" Pioneer for our living room wall in our future, hopefully sooner than later!

Congrats and enjoy! -Glenn

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I've had mine for about 3 weeks and have been traveling a lot in that time, but so far it's really impressive. Great blacks, colors I never saw on my 36XBR and of course, zero motion artifacts. I'm very pleased.

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I have the pro-150 and I must say I am blown away. I was never turned on to plasmas, but now there's no turning back. I went from an LCD Projection Sony that had very grey blacks.

I also like how the "elite" is nice and copper in the black frame, matches my klipsch reference speakers :-)

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As for playing the Wii on your plasma...

After having done a TON of research, I've decided it's a thing of the past for Plasmas w/video gaming and people have holdover heartburn about the issue:

I've been playing my 360 a lot on my 5080, and I haven't noticed even a hint of IR. I think Pioneer has done the best job attentuating this concern and the Kuros are leaps/bounds better than most other plasmas in my mind. I was pretty careful during a 100 hour break in period (the video freaks on AVS Forum recommend varying content and using reduced settings, I did not play XBox at all during this period), and it's worked out great. I play equal game time to the amount of time I watch DVDs or Over-the-air HD cable, so I think it's a pretty fair comparison.

For games I primarily play: Halo CE/2/3, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Project Gotham Racing 3, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The only ones I've been concerned about are PGR3 and Marvel: UA, since they have such distinct and bright HUDs and health meters, but it hasn't been a problem at all. I've even purposely tried to stare at the TV and get up close to the pixels, and there's no IR.

I HIGHLY recommend leaving the "orbiter" function on all the time, as this is the mechanism that Pioneer claims reduces any chance of IR. You won't be able to see physically see anything happening, so there's no consequence in using it!

These Pioneers are INCREDIBLE. Good luck!


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