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Heresy 1 crossover upgrade


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A couple of thoughts here:

The first possibility, and in my recommendation something that should be done first, is to replace the capacitors on the factory crossover which will essentially restore it to factory spec. The difference in sound is noticeable and an impressive improvement to the sound of the Heresy with worn out caps.

Bob Crites, "BEC" on this forum can help with this by providing a kit with fresh caps or turnkey work. You could contact him on the forum or might notice his kits on ebay.

Regarding upgrades, there is a whole universe of options here. Some of these use the original circuit with high dollar caps. Some people swear by this, and that's fine with me. I'm just glad folks are enjoying their speakers.

To my thinking, the upgrades are only meaningful when one is able to compare them to the factory spec. Any upgrade will sound worlds better than a crossover with worn out caps, but that's not a contest, IMO.

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Agreed with Dee: Bob's kits or rebuilds are absolutely a perfect way to go. If you are not "soldering" challenged (like me...), the kit caps are very easy to do. The schematics have been posted several times on the Forum if you are so inclined to search out high end caps, etc. From your signature, don't overlook eventually doing the H-II's as well. After about 15 years or so, they dry out as well. On your H-I's, the difference will likely be quite noticeable.

As far as an "upgrade", the later final H-I's used a K-53 driver and the 701 plastic horn. That crossover was an E2 as opposed to the E. Most H-I owners prefer the K-55/700 horn. I've had a couple 53/701 late H-I's and the sound is almost the same. But if there to be an "upgrade", that would be the only "factory" option. IMHO, probably not worth it. Klipsch Parts does carry the 53/701 driver/horn combination for about $80 each, but you would then should have the E crossover converted to E2.

What year are you H-I's? (it's the "letter" in the serial number); if late model, pull the backs and check, you might have the 53/701 midrange and the E2 type already.

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We have discussed several crossover changes for the Heresy over the
years. Like Dee said, due to age the caps should be
replaced. If you like, you can replace the woofer inductor with
an air-core inductor; it will not saturate and change value like the
iron-core inductor.

You might consider this design
and add a .36 mH air-core inductor between the T2 and the squawker
positive terminal. The woofer is 94 dB/w/m, or a fraction more
and the Type E crossover runs the squawker at 98 db and the tweeter at
99 dB. This mod runs the squawker at 95 and the tweeter at
96. Use the best caps you are willing to buy. I like
Hovland Musicaps (film and foil) or Solen Fast Caps (metalized poly
film). I like the film and foil types best.


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Newb here that recently purchased a Heresy 1. I was expecting them to be lacking on the low end so a sub is in order to help this area out. What I wasn't expecting was how bright and foward the mids and tweeters are. I switched the 2uF caps with some that I had and this made a differance for the better but would like to tweak some more. This modified version looks to be the ticket to blend everthing better.

What DCR should should I shoot for on the woofer?

I am thinking a 12w resistor will be alright for the 11ohm.

What is the advantage of using the .36 mH for the squawker and if I go with this what DCR should I look for?

I am using a 5 to 6 watt SET which gives plenty output in there current state. Hoping these mods don't drop the effeiency too much since I can't afford to lose much with this amp.


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You can drop the K55 output by 3dbs by changing the squawker tap on the autoformer. I have done that on my type A crossovers on LaScala with very pleasing results, to my ears.

I'm not sure which tap would be right for the Type E. Might want to shoot BEC an e-mail or PM to check that out.

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