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Need Recommended 7.1 Amp for use with All Klipsch Speakers and FORTE II's


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I started off in 1990 with 2 mono block Adcom amps and an Adcom preamp plus a Sony ES CD Player. Oh yes and my Forte II's (love 'em).

Well the Sony dies about 5 years ago and the Adcom's all died a slow death.

Around 2000 I went out an purchased an Onkyo THX certified receiver, Klipsch Satellite speakers (all 5) and a KSW-12 subwoofer, then I purchase a year later 2 RB25 front home theater front, two triangular rears from Klipsch and a yard long center by Klipsch (why because I get bored). I did this because frankly I was bored with the performance of the Klipsch satellite's (nothing wrong but toooo small). So I tried to use my Forte's as the fronts, the triangular rears, the yard long center speaker but that was a pointless experiment.

Anyway as I have read in other posts (receivers and Forte's don't sound right) my Onkyo Receiver just doesn't sound right in STEREO playing thru the Forte's and I have to engage the sub to get any satisfaction. It is rated alright 120w per channel but I know this isn't the same as my old Adcom's.

Any suggestions on a 7.1 receiver for the movies etc but yet one I can run in STEREO to drive my FORTE II's when I decide to just listen to music.

Or am I better off (please no, I am not made of money) getting a receiver for the movie's etc and purchase some new mono amps and a pre-amp?

Remember I want my bowels to hurt (my hearing is already shot) while listening to them.

BTW they are original WALNUT and boy does my wife hate them :)

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I run 2 systems .............. Scott Tubes, Heresy's,, Sub for 2 channel ..................... Yamaha 5890 HTR, KG4's, KG2's, Sub for Home Theatre ......... Never was happy with 2 channel sound from HT Receivers .............. now I have best of both choices ............. least expensive way for me !!!!!!!!

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Rotels RSX-1056 has 7.1 processing capability, only 5 channels of amplification on board, but a redirect feature so you add an external 2 channel amp (Rotel RB-1080) for the "mains", and enjoy 7.1 listening.

It has "analog bypass" which makes for descent 2 channel listening.

They make some pretty honest to goodness equipment specs wise, and are a cut above "mass marketed" pieces, sonically speaking.

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Sunfire makes a 200 wpc & 400 wpc amp that is capable of destroying all your speakers. You can get one used (periodically) on ePrey for about $1500 for the 200 wpc & $2500 for the 400 wpc. They also make a 200 wpc Receiver (Ultimate) that can be had for between $2000 & $4000, depending which rendition you get (I, II or III). The only real difference is the III model and two HDMI inputs & one output. The older models do not have HDMI (which is highly damn overrated in my opinion). They are expensive but worth every penny & bulletproof.\

Also, if your bass seems deficient in stereo mode, are you sure you don't have a crossover engaged directing the LFE or bass frequencies from the mains? That might explain you lack of bass...

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+1 on the Sunfire recommendation. I have the 400x7 Cinema Grand Signature and it made my RF-7s sing and now works wonders on my Martin Logans. It's a great amp and can handle very low impedance drops with ease. Highly recommended. I also have the Theater Grand IV and while I like the sound there are a few quirks that would steer me away from it if I was doing it all over. The volume knob tends to be fussy, I used to work for a local dealer and all our units seemed to have this problem after a while. If you use the remote it's no issue, but when using the dial on the unit the volume will skip around a little. It also annoyed me that the inputs are not assignable like they are on my Denon receiver. Other than that, they are both great pieces.

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