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Introducing Mitja Borko � Slovenian audio engineer & Klipsch enthusiast

Mr Tech

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I would like to introduce my friend Mitja Borko from Slovenia.

Some of you may already be familiar with his, now famous, Klipsch Cornwall Test Report. It has

been published and referenced for many years on the internet.

I sold Mitja my 1974 Cornwall Is a number of years ago and shipped them to him in Slovenia.

Since that time, he and I have been great email friends,

although we have not yet met in person.

He has been browsing the Klipsch forum here from time to time and he tells me that he has just joined as a member.

I'm sure he will be a valuable contributor to the forum due to his vast knowledge of Klipsch and all things audio.

Mitja has just created a website that has several test

reports on various loudspeakers, amps & pre-amps, phono pre-amps,

cartridges and vintage tube radios.

The website also includes his Klipsch Cornwall Test Report.


His classic closing statement of the Cornwall Test Report:

"Finally, I would like

to tell you that I do not dance and I do not say "Yes, yes ." very

often, I do not conduct an orchestra either.

But Klipsch Cornwalls

encourage me to do all these. Day by day. They put me into complete harmony

with the music.

They make me happy.

And this report? Is it

an Ode to the Legend?

Yes it is, it

certainly is.

- Mitja Borko

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It looks like Mr. Borko got right into it, doing a more complete report than I've ever seen or heard of anywhere. However, it may need some updating, since the second sentence quoted here is no longer true, nor was it ever true, unless the La Scala was out of production for a time:

Besides flagship speaker Klipschorn, Klipsch created and produced during a period of 40 years - which may now be considered as "Golden Audio Age" - a wide selection of well known La Belle, La Scala, Cornwall and Heresy speakers. Only Klipschorn and La Belle are still in production in Hope, Arkansas.

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