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I recently purchased a new pair of La Scala II's to replace my Forte II's as front mains. For movies I am using a Denon 3802 which, for now, is fine. My problem is two channel listening. I am using a Denon PMA 700v that I purchased new in 1985 that went along with my first Klipsch purchase, a set of KG4's. The KG's and Forte's sounded great with the old Denon, but my new La Scala's just don't sound that great......hard to explain....they just don't sound very clean, if that makes sense.

I have been reading a lot on the forum about different kinds of amps to the point where I am totaly confused. The Denon is 100wpc solid state, and I reailze I don't need that much power with the La Scala's. So my questions are 1) is anyone on the forum using La Scala II's and if so what are they driving them with? 2) what would be a good replacement for the Denon in the $500.00 range. 3) My old CD player (cheap phillips) can't be helping the matter either, what would be a good single disc (are those even made anymore?) CD player.

Thanks for any advise.

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Here's a couple of things you should try first before thinking of laying out any additional money.

Obvious, but often overlooked, recheck your speaker wiring and amp connections. Little mixups there can really affect the sound. If you have a test cd check balance and phase etc. Also, check with your ears up close to see if all the tweeters etc. on both speakers are putting out sound and sound pretty much the same. Don't forget that most speakers need some "burn-in" time to sound their best.

Then try them with the Denon 3802. Well not as nice as my tube euipment, I have a 2802 and it sounds very clean throug my Cornwalls and Hersey's.

Next, swap your dvd player for the cd player. Even the cheapest of the newere dvd players will sound much better than the older generation cd players because of improvements to their DAC's (digital/analog converters).

Try doing all of these steps one at a time. If you identify the problem early on then you can use the other steps to, in effect, tweak your system to get the best sound out of with what you have on hand.

If you're still having problems there are plenty of people here with LaScalas that will lend a hand.

LaScalas put out a very clean and detailed sound, and some find them lacking in bass, which if it's your problem you can address with a sub.

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