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Surround sound upgrade questions


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I want to upgrade my current surround sound setup, but I am unsure of how to do so. I have considered either replacing the surrounds with dedicated surrounds, such as the RS-10, but I have also considered replacing the mains with something better and moving the RB-10s to the rear as surrounds. I have a tight budget (around 350), therefore I have considered the RB-51s as new mains or the RS-10 as new surrounds, but am unsure of what would have the greater benefit. Would the RB-51 provide any noticable quality over my RB-10?

My current Setup:

Yamaha HTR-5730

Klipsch RB-10 (mains)

Klipsch RC-10 (center)

Klipsch RW-8 (woofer)

Klipsch SB-1 (surrounds)

thanks for your help.

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The most important speaker is the center speaker, since all of the dialog goes to it. I would recommend upgrading to an RC52 and then when you get more money, upgrade the rb10's to rb51's. You can always sell the old ones on E-Bay to finance the upgrade to the RB51's. The SB-1's or the RB-10's are both fine as surrounds. It is not anywhere near as critical to match the back speakers to the front as it is to match the center and main speakers.

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