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I guess this would be considered 2-channel....


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Nice Review (albeit pretty wordy!) Amy! Congratulations to all at Klipsch. Sounds like you have a winner here. I have always used outside of the ear headphones but Ill give these a try. I travel way too much and use headphones on the plane. I look forward to comparing them to my current set up.


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Very cool review. Is the Greek distributor getting them too? Would love to have a play with them to see how good they really are. I have several sets of headphones and in the ear types but only the Stax are good and those get very hot in summer.

I wonder how I would connect these to my main system?

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I am very interested too. I truly hate crappy headphones. Mostly they just hurt my ears... in both ways. I used to have a Westone UM2 with custom made tips. These are IEM's mostly used by musicians. This sounded very good, but still the custom tips were not 100% and before I could decide what to do about it. The ipod and headphones got stolen.

So I am in the market for new phones. With the Western UM2 I needed custom tips, because all the others didn't fit. Apparently I have very small earcanals. The custom tips I could easily put on the headphone just like the regular tips/flanges. Is that a possibility with the Klipsch? I would love to try the small and extra small tips to find out if these would fit and stay there during movement. Are the Custom 1,2, or 3 a better choice for exercise?

Can my Klipsch dealer order a set for Holland? I am curious about the return policy though. It would be nice if I can try one out at my dealer, or if I must at the importer. Actually, can I audition the whole line? [:P][;)]

Most of you will probably know this forum, a great source of information for headphones and Klipsch has recently become a sponsor!



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