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RF-83's and Amp Recommendations


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After 30 years of window shopping and wait are over. Will recieve my shinny new RF-83's & RC-64 tomorrow.

I have a question on what is the proper amopunt of Amp required. I have an old crown power base 2 rated at 325 Amp - 8 ohms per channel.

From Crown I got the following recommendation:

Using the specs for the RF-83 of 250 watts Continuous/ 8 ohms you would
be looking for an amplifier that could do about 500 watts into 8-ohms
that is rated between 400 watts and 625 watts.

250 x 2 = 500 watts for 3db of headroom.
500 watts x .8 = 400 watts
500 watts x 1.25= 625 watts

So, I have speakers rated 250W rms, can I really connect a 325Amp with out burning anything up?


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Wow, I didn't realize that the RF-83 and RC-64 have been around for 30 years! [;)]

Its much better to have an amp with too much power than too little. If you pump a true 250w through each of the speakers you're getting I hope you're wearing ear plugs...its gonna be LOUD!

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Congratulations and Welcome,

I can tell you that I currently have the RF-83 setup and have to hooked up to a Outlaw 750, 165 wpc. I will never be able to turn it up all the way while in the same room or the next one over. I would say to listen to them with what you already have and make the judgment for yourself, that is the ultimate person to impress.

Good luck and enjoy,


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