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Anyone with image editing software and a little time on your hands?

Daddy Dee

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This morning I have discovered that my laptop does not even have Microsoft Paint app on the hard drive.

What I'm hoping for is that someone with image editing software and some time on your hands would be able to cut the image below into two files. I'm especially interested in using the old black background logo in a personal creativity project. Even if I had the software, I don't know if I could cut the black background logo off and make an image graphic with no white border. Any help sincerely appreciated.


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I've sent you an email. If you will respond so I have your address I'll send the files as attachments. I was not entirely certain exactly what you needed, so I provided Heinz 57 vareties. They are;

klipschB.jpg - the black background one by itself.

klpschCT.png - the black background one with a transparent background

klipschW.png - the white background one by itself

klipschT.png - the white background one with a transparent background.

Hope at least one works for you.

Su servidor,


Oh...that will be 212.43 for expedited service. [:P]

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