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RF-63s vs RF83s

Running fool

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I have a pair of RF-3s, and have enjoyed them for years. I purchased a Denon PMA2000ivr intregated amplifier which is outstanding. I thought maybe it is time to upgrade and started to look at the 63s and the 83s. From the forum, I gleened good vibes from a Klipsch employee about the 63s, and am about to hunt them down. Also from the forum, I can not find any raves about the 83s. I love the sound of the RF-3s, but am going crazy trying to decied. I heard the 83s and they sounded good, but I was not blown-away.

Maybe no one can help me with this just sharing how hard it is. Merry Chistmas.

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As jay loves his 83's, I love my 63's...

But if you heard the 83's and were not blown away, I don't expect the 63's will blow you away either.

Both the 63's and the 83's have a more "laid back" sound to them (in the upper end) , often referred to as "more refined".

It took me some time to get to like it.

I use my 63's exclusively for HT, right along side a pair of RF-3's that I just can't give up.

It's the edge I get from the RF-3's that I refuse to give up.

In thinking about it, you might be more happy with a nice pair of RF-7's.

They are "less refined". (more butt kicking!)

Good luck!


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Thanks, I guess you nailed the thing with the 3's.I use them for music and ht. They have clear dialog, and I love the upper end. I guess that is what I want to expand on. Anyone know where to get a pair of 7's?

P.S. I am also considering (I know, I know) A pair of Axiom m-80s because of all their reviews. I said I was going crazy. Thanks for the help.

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