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What type of music do you listen to the most?


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Women's music? As opposed to...men's music????? Yup, gotta love those odes to prostate health... And what if it is someone like Barry Manilow who is a ...nevermind, that IS woman's music. OK, so how about someone like Joe Cocker, a man who is liked by lots of women...is he man's music by virtue that is IS a man, or is he woman's music by virtue that his primary audience is women?! This is sooooo confusing...[:P]

One category to the exclusion of all others doesn't quite do it.

But the one category I try to listen to that is not included is: "good".

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Tried to think of most everything. Let me know if something is not on the list.

[Please visit the original post to access the poll]

As soon as you "specify" a category you imply that all other categories at that same level of categorization are not included. For example, if you mention "Tango" as a category you imply that "Mambo" and the other Ten Thousand specific types of dance music are not included in your list. If you list Irish Music as a category, then it is insulting to list the music of other specific countries as only "World Music". So the very premise of your list is faulty because you have mixed together different levels of categorization. That is why I said there is only one category "World Music", other categories would be music from Mars, Neptune, and Uranus etc. that is assuming you meant World=Earth in this case. Your list, of course, is no more a mess than most music stores.

-kgbkgbk & vgcdgvcdgv

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You could probably add concertos, trios and quartets, Sonatas, Ballet music, suites and marches.

Then I noticed you have baroque but not classical, romantic and modern as periods.

If you wanted to be pedantic you could also break down concerto's (violin, piano, cello etc.).

Chose Opera as it happens which is probably correct although concertos as a whole run it a close second.

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