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Samsung DLP Lamp Life?


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I have a Samsung 50 inch DLP that uses the lamp, as opposed to the later LEDs. I have been very happy with it, but after just over 16 months I had to replace the lamp. Interestingly enough, Samsung had a sale in December so I got the replacement lamp for a "mere" $150. We don't watch the set a great deal and play very few games on it. It was pointed out to me that even when there is "no signal" the lamp is still on, the DLP mirrors are just in a null position so we see nothing on the screen.

I'd be interested to hear anyone elses' experience with lamp life, thanks.

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This is from the Samsung site, circa. 2004............ "Ultra-High Pressure Lamp Samsung uses in its DLP sets has, on average, a life of between 5,000 - 8,000 hours."


Welllll...if we had 2,500 hours total on the set I would be surprised. I know there are variations in the life and performance in single unit as compared to the lot but this is a variation (at the low end) of 50%. I suppose we just had a poor lamp in the set as delivered.

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Not Samsung but JVC, I worked for a place that sold them and we had it turned on 8hrs per day and lasted 12months, we had a bunch that we sold that did the same thing but JVC was good enough to replace the bulb under warranty as they agreed the bulbs were bad and should've at least lasted 3-4 months more.

Just my experience.

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I bought the extended warranty . So far I haven't even gotten a bulb replacement out of the deal . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for catastrophic failure !!!

LOL!!! It's a role of the dice with these rear projection TV's. I hope you at least get one brand new bulb out of it, naw, better yet, a new TV.

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Wow sorry to hear about the TV problems. Kind of a good thing that this was posted. I was just asking about RPTV since Sony announced that they are no longer going to make them. The link was in the post about LCD vs. Plasma. I guess I will hold off and look into either of those.


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If you search around on the net, you can get the "code" to enter the service menu and see just how many hours your lamp has on it. Just watch what you do in the menu.

Thanks for this TIP. When I got to the service menu 10, it says something like LAMP or LAMPLIFE then 2829. Does that mean I have used my lamp for 2,829 hours? WOW, a far cry from my hocus pocus estimate of less than 1200 hours. [:D]

To access the service menu (see below):


  • Turn Melody off in the user menu
    this allows entering the Service Menu from "power on" state without
    using an additional lamp cycle.
  • With the set ON, press Power-Mute-1-8-2-Power in quick succession.
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I have a Samsung DLP 61 inch, we have 2 small kids... it is on "a lot" would be a understatement. Before the HT was done it was on work hours for background music..(Music Choice) Most all sports..Childrens dvd shows ... I, too, had some concerns.,.

When I was at CEDIA I talked to Samsung... Now take out of this all you want..... or do not believe any of it.. but a LOT will depend on your brightness and contrast settings... (Especially if you have them maxed out??)

They said in my DLP 61" HDTV they would state it to 12,000 hours.. many were getting 16,000 + in home situations.. (when DLP was stiill new...they were not so sure and wanted to state the numbers low.) I have not looked in the service menues..

I am sure we are close to this.. But the picture today is just as good as they day I brought it home.. Incredible!! Amazing that a new lamp is all I might need to make her new again if and when that happenes??

When I heard someone say 2,000 << I just hope that was a typo... and maybe someone had gotten to 20,000 before theirs went dark?

From Bill H Before.. "The aging characteristic
of the lamp (with DLP) is relatively
flat, meaning the light output
is constant through its life,
and then drops off dramatically
only in the final hours. An
on-screen message appears
when you turn on your TV set
to warn you that the lamp
should be replaced.

When you replace the lamp,
the TV operates at the same
full performance level it
did when it was new. This
is because the DLP display
doesn't physically age. Its
elements do not deteriorate.
This isn't true of any other
display technology, because
all other display devices
deteriorate in picture quality
with age."

LCD"s lose pixels.. (just where you do not want them to be..)

Plasma whites go yellowish... and you can't re charge your sets,,,,

It is your choice..

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My original lamp life was over 2000 hrs last time I checked. Since then, I had a video engine failure. They had to install a whole new processor, guts and new lamp. $800. What PITA. I agree that keeping your contrast and brightness at less than max levels should help with lamp life.

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I have an old samsung that I had to replace the bulb on twice. I also have a sony KDS 50A2020 and a benq dlp projector. The benq I only get about 700 to 1000 hrs per $400.00 bulb. It will be replaced sone with a new projector. The two TV's I have never got the advertixed bulb life out of either but htey do last a lot longer than the projector. The bulbs for the TV's are also a lot cheaper. I do replace them all my self.

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