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SVS Sub Distorted Rumble


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I have a PB12-ISD for more than 3 years now. Been having intermitent problems with it where once I turn my system on, I get distorted rumble on the sub (only when there is a signal present - no humming). I would turn it off then on again and the problem would disappear. However, this past week, the problem was persisting. Then yesterday it was back to normal again. I checked my cable for loose connection but everything looks ok. The surround speakers have no problems when the sub acts up.

Any ideas on what I need to check when it appears again?


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Resurrecting a zombie thread. Last time I posted on the forum was way back FEB 2008. 🤪


I bought my speakers RF35,RC35,RB35, SVS-PB12ISD some time around 2004. My Klipsch speakers are still going strong until now (yes!)  but my sub "died" or should I say was unused around my last post Jan of 2008. SVS wanted to replace my sub's amp and was discounting it for $175 way back then even though it was out of warranty. Great to get a discount but decided not to take the offer. Never really had any inkling to replace it because, well, I didn't really miss it. One other reason is my surround was great. And lastly, the sub rocks the house (built in the late 50s but has undergone several renovations) and my wife complains of the trembles "lol".


Having said that, I recently decided to get the R-120SW because (1)It was my bday (2)it was on sale. 😊


My SVS is still down there. I received my new sub today but have not opened it yet. Hopefully, it would bring me years of enjoyment as well.....and that ends my SVS story.









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