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New "old" vinyl find


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On lunch break today, hit up one of the "Half Price Books" in North Dallas, and took some books I had had sitting for a while in my truck to sell. While they went through the books, they invited me to look around, and I figured "why not?"

Didn't realize they had a used vinyl section. Headed for "ROCK" titles. There, in the front, was a nice unmolested copy of the Who's "Tommy", replete with dust jackets, foldout, and full booklet. Vinyl appeared "good", a bit fingerprinted but certainly void of scratches, nothing special, but seeing the whole thing there in completeness, and in nice shape, really surprised me. Even the album cover was decent (very light wear).

While it may not be that big of a deal to some of you guys, I am a pinball collector as well, so it was a special find for me, all at a cost of $4.72 after my trade in of $5 worth of books and a 10% discount. Gotta love old vinyl.


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Good Deal ........... an interesting piece of Rock History ............... The WHO ... under-rated group ... Nice old cover, I miss those great album covers on Vinyl !!!!!! Bought many albums because I liked the cover ..............

It's always good to find intact versions like that. As for the Who being under-rated OB, what a bunch of wankers!

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A wanker is one who masturbates. It is a derogatory term as oposed to here in Greece where it seems to be a term of endearment and most commonly heard amongst close friends - the Greek version that is.

Malaka? Not sure about the spelling, but I used to work with two Greek Cypriots and they used that word fairly regularly, in a joshing sort of way.

In England, it's a fighting words level of insult, similar to "jerkoff" in the US. In Canada, and possibly the US, wanker is a joke word, with a meaning and level of insult similar to "twit". A Toronto-area new music station, CFNY, called their baseball team "The NY Wankees" and their playing field "Wankee Stadium", which shows that it's seen as more humourous than offensive here.

EDIT: Wow, j***off must be a rude term in the US, since it just got censored!
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Cactus Records
2930 South Shepherd
Houston , 77098
+1 713 526 9272

(Excerpt of AP Report)

Cactus Records reopens in Houston
04:04 PM CST on Sunday, November 11, 2007

Associated Press

HOUSTON -- A longtime hotspot for Texas and regional musicians—and a beacon for their fans—has reopened with some of the same faces.

Except for ownership and location, little has changed at Cactus Records, which reopened Saturday, said Quinn Bishop, who managed the old store and is an owner of the new.

The independent music boutique sells all types of music, but it specializes in Texas music and focuses on providing a venue for local and regional musicians. The 6,000-square-foot shop sits in a shopping strip just a few blocks from the original.

Aside from the above, there are Half Priced Book Stores aplenty.


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Great find Chris. There are a couple of used book stores close by that I will check out. It seems that when ever I look for albums at Goodwill I can only find Olivia Newton John or Glass Tiger.


Have you been to Twist and Shout on East Colfax? Black & Read is a pretty decent bookstore on like 78th and Wadsworth that also sells vinyl.

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