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Integra, Onkyo, or Denon?


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My 4308 recognized my center (RC-7) as large as well.

It is sitting in a cabinet, so maybe because of the concealed porting it's seeing it as large, but I left it that way.

If mostly voices are coming through the center, who's voice dips below 40 hz? or maybe even 80hz?

Is that sort of thinking wrong?

I don't have a sub, so I can put a crossover in and let my RF-7s handle it, i'll try a comparison tonight, but wouldn't letting the center handle the hwole spectrum of a voice be better than splititng it? especially if at the same time the fronts or sub are handling some musical score or explosion or something that actually requires low bass?

i understand if the center is a small satelite or bookshelf to use a crossover, but aren't the RC-7s and RC-64s large enough to be set to large and handle voice?

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Interesting perspective. Especially since the RC7 can go down to 45Hz. I don't think its the voice that you need to worry about though, its sound effects -maybe transitioning from left to right across the center - or something that may hit all channels all at once.

I've been told that a good rule of thumb is to set the cross over so that you have a ~20 Hz overlap. So you might want to set your cross over on your center to 60 and give it a try. I really like the way the RC-64 sounds with a cross over set to 80 (the RC-64 is rated at 62Hz for it low).

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