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How do you seperate the HF section of a La Scala from the LF section?


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1: The pre-1975 or so La Scalas are 34.5" high, since they don't have the 1" riser that was added when the woofer access panel was moved from the top of the LF section to the bottom.

2: You could always turn your center Scala on its side. See photo:


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I was actually thinking of a varient of that. Turn the la scala on its side. Use just the LF of the la scala.

Then, I was thinking of putting the tv on top of that, then, getting a 402 horn like on the Jubilees, and somehow mount it above the tv, pointing downwards towards the prime listening spots. Would need some type of passive for a Jubscala for that I would imagine.

If you wanted to use your same passives, could turn the lascala on its side. Put tv on it. then, take out the mid and high horns out of the la scala. Build a different plywood cabinet or enclosure for it. Mount it above the tv. That would allow you horizontal positioning for the mid and high horns, would also then allow you to do this without cutting your la scallas up.


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Here is another idea, can you put your seating on a riser? Boost your seating up instead of chopping your LAS down.

And if you really want to get wild... Build your sub into your riser. This way you will feel the bass too. My buddy Vince did that at his old house. The first time my wife and I were over, she leaned over to me and said... "If you really want to increase our sex life, we need to build on of these"[:)]

I thought that double Heresy looked familiar. You had me thinking for a bit because when I was voicing it, I had the K400, the K77 and the x-over just sitting on top of the woofers. When I looked at your pic, I said to my self, I don't remember taking any pics like this... Then, I thought, wait a min, I did not have them in an enclosure either....


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