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the sunfire 7200 arrived !!!!!


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the month had past and my little baby landed safley url%5Durl%5D

thx again for all the replays

my pre is hk 235 and i have a prblm with him when the volume is -15 -5 there is a hishhhh in the speakers .

i am using rca beacuse the hk dont have xlr .

there is a quick fix or replace it with a pre that have xlr ?

thx again

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So your saying.... You have 200 watts per channel, I assume nothing playing but your running it - 15 to -5 and you hear some hiss?? A lot of it, or just some?

I swear if you have - 15 to -5 on my La Scala system, your ears will bleed!! Seriously!!!!

Are you serious??? The XLR's will help... My guess is, with nothing playing, your amp is just trying to find something??? Check for ground problems.. But that 7200 should be very quiet... maybe it is the DSP in your HK... Does it do it in stereo too?

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Almost ALL processors introduce hiss in processing mode. If you have a "direct" mode, go to that and try the same test; I believe you'll find it SILENT.

Also, you will NEVER hear that hiss at volume, dude. I have an Ultimate Receiver (same amps) and 400x7 Signature amp and you wouldn't be able to stand in the same room with RF-83 system at those volume levels.[:|]

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