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5.1 to 7.1 migration questions


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Hi, I am upgrading my home theater to a 7.1 setup. Currently I have 4 RF-35s, a RC-35 center, and a RW-12 sub. I was thinking about keeping the RF-35s for my surrounds and upgrading to a pair of RF-83s for my front mains. Would this work, or would it unbalance my system? Would it help to upgrade my center and sub as well?


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that's will be great.

I have to disagree. I think the RC-35 would work fine for your rears but if you buy the RF-83's, the RC-35 will not be voice matched with them. The RC-64 is an amazing speaker and matches the RF-83's very well. If your budget permits, this would be an excellent setup. Not familiar with your sub but my guess is that it will be underpowered compared to the RF-83's.

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I was focusing on the RF-35 as 4 surrounds. Yes, he has to replace the RC-35 with RC-64.

Gotcha. Sorry about that.

I figured I would need to change out
the center. I was hoping the sub wouldn't be a problem, but I am not
sure. In terms of multi-channel music, will the RF-35s and 83s sound
okay together?

If I were you, I would upgrade to the RC-64 but keep your existing sub. Try the system out together and if the sub is lacking, then upgrade your sub at that point.

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