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Probably not netiquette but......


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Acknowledgement should be almost immediate - but if there is a delay just go there and try to log in with the username and password you supplied. Appears to work anyway - don't know what the issue is for some people logging in - spam filters perhaps.

Oh - and there is no "nay" All welcome - and its gonna be difficult to get banned - the moderators are a tolerant lot and smilies go a long way....

The Parrot will be an interesting test - there is no SET/PP forum but there is an amplification forum so you can wage war in there if you want to.

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" We do have the best collections of smilies on the net (that I know of)."

It is some of the most unusual smiles I have ever seen ! [:o]

I could have used some of them here, but I would have been banned for sure ! [;)]

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