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Well said Roc. I wonder if there is a Fingers Crossed anywhere?

Things aren't so bad as long as we always have Hope.

In the United States:

  • One can drive beyond Hope
  • One can go to Hell and back (MI - Wikipedia lists the unofficial poplation as 266 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell,_Michigan )
  • It can be a cold day in Hell
  • It can be hotter than Hell and often is
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Well well well. I never expected that anyone would even remember me, much less miss me. Thank you so much for the 8 replies. They did make me feel good. I will respond to all of them in this post. You may have figured out that I am not really a forum person nor much of a computer person either. I posted in this forum because of my search for a FORTE II based 7.1 music system. I am now on to other things like obtaining a new 2008 Velocity Yellow Corvette and building a garage for it. More about this later. Now on to the replies.

wuzzer - How nice of you to remember that I was searching for 7 walnut FORTE IIs. That makes me feel good. Here is what I wound up with. I have a McIntosh powered 7.2 music system that consists of 5 oiled walnut FORTE IIs for R+C+L+RS+LS plus two KG-4s for RR+LR. The .2 is for my two JL Audio f-113 subs. I would like to upgrade my two KG-4s to FORTE IIs if I can find mint ones out there. However, I am very very happy with what I have. My needs have been met, especially my bass needs, as you can imagine. Please let me know if you know of any Mint condition, oiled walnut, FORTE IIs for sale. Money is no object. ha ha My wife and/or dog can still be a part of the deal, if need be.

Daddy Dee - Yes, I did take the picture. It was a day during which I fed my speakers a steady diet of high volume Led Zeppilin, AC/DC and Rolling Stones music. I first started to smell something. Then I heard something. Then I saw something. This event was so unusual that I went to get my camera instead of getting some water for the fire. By taking the time to take the picture, I lost any chance of saving the speaker. That was a two speaker system. I now have a seven speaker system to better handle the load. Burning speakers do not smell very good. Imagine the explaination that I had to provide to my wife and other family members. But, thanks for asking.

dtel - I'm doing fine (see attached pictures below).

oldbuckster - YO, the ROC returns..........................................................but only for a very short time. Nice to hear back from you old buckster.

silversport - Nice to hear from you, Bill.

blsamuel - Always have hope.

oldenough - Hi old enough.

jamesV - Hi James. See above as to the speaker hunt.

OK everyone. I am sorry that I am not a true blue dedicated forum member who is willing to spend the time that is required to communicate with you all regularly. I'm just not. But I am a nice person and I hope that my comments do not offend anyone.

I used to be able to add pictures to my posts but I am having trouble figuring out how to do this. Does anyone know how I can add pictures to a post? I promise you these pictures will be worth your wait. Please advise.

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Go to options, to the right of the compose tab, click on add/update, this will allow you to browse and select a picture on your harddrive, once you have selected it, click save then click the post button .

Below is my 06 vette with about 16,900 miles on her, brought her new. Took her out yesterday for the first time in a while. If the weather does not allow you to drive it in the winter, get a battery trickle charger. Other than that she is a lot of fun.


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...."If the weather does not allow you to drive it in the winter, get a battery trickle charger."

You would have to mention this. It is good advice as I understand that newer cars are always draining power from the battery even when parked and off. My car arrived on 10/16/08. It has a total of 289 miles on it now. I have not driven it since before Thanksgiving and sure enough it wouldn't start the other day. I apparently drained the battery by having the doors and hatchback open for lengths of time while waxing the door jams, hood and hatchback areas. My trickle charger took care of it. It is not a good feeling having a brand new 2008 Corvette and it won't start. Only a minor problem however.

I am going to try and post the pictures now. Last time I tried it the "save" button did not work.

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