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So how is she? This weekend looks to be wet and cold up here, but I did drive mine to work twice this week. I am envious of the dual exhaust and the extra 36 hp, but hey when the time is right I will switch to the "next corvette", that said I still love mine. I always love the one I am with, unless the b!tch cheats. I just hope the next corvette is not an all electric POS. This time is automotive design really is like the 1968-1972 mucle car era over again as you alluded to. Oh well, enjoy it, its an investment towards fun not money.

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So how is she?

Oh well, enjoy it, its an investment towards fun not money.

She is covered in a garage. Double waxed including the door jams, underhood and hatchback area.

Picked it up on 10/16/07. Has 289 miles so far. Last driven 11/22/07. Can't say how she is until I get my 500 mile break-in done. How frustrating to find instructions that say "Don't go over 55 and no flooring it until break-in is done." I think there is no break-in period. I think Chevrolet is saying this to save lives. The lives of those who think they can handle the power but really can't. The break-in period might slow someone down a little, and give them a chance to get to know the car.

Of course, it won't slow me down. At mile 501 I will report on how she is. I am 61 so I do plan on keeping this one until I die, and then of course, my wife will have it to drive, hopefull alone. I don't like sharing my wife nor my cars.

Then again, the pictures I have seen of the 2011 C7 look mighty fine. If the performance doesn't slip, maybe I would be interested in a 2011. They will probably have nine speed automatics by then.

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