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Thought I'd post this here too....


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Did a post in 2 channel but as not everyone goes there :

"There is a new audio forum at http://hifitalk.forumotion.com/index.htm which is, frankly, a total riot. I think you have to join to even browse - but it is worth it IF YOU ARE VERY BROARD MINDED.

There is no **** of words and no rules on topics in the off-topic forums. Discussion titles couldn't even be listed here. IF YOU ARE NOT EASILY SHOCKED it is a lot of fun - and there are plenty of audio topics to boot - although they desperately need more - its only been going a few weeks,

Anyway - consider this a heads up - and dont blame me if you leave in a catatonic state of shock after 5 minutes.

That's all - hope no-one minds this blatant ad. Apologies to any that do - I am sure Amy will delete on request."

No pressure - interestingly different from the Klipsch forum - but with a strong Klipsch presence and a sub-forum dedicated to Klipschites.

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