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Cornwall I : A New Record?

mobile homeless

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Only one thing:






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Speaker 1977 Klipsch Cornwall I w/Alnico & Type B Crossover

system one online / alternate components / Asylum Listing f>s>

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Granted, that's a lot of dough for Cornwall I's, but the seller is only charging $70 for shipping (probably $300 or more depending on where the seller and buyer are located). This is a textbook example of how to sell an item on ebay - nice, detailed pics and descriptions. Plus, a mahhhvelous set of speakers in great shape.

The buyer still got his/her money's worth! They're Cornwalls!


First we Rock, then we Roll!

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sell your Cornwalls, buy Khorns!

very nice eBay page, but too much hype for me, wonder if the guy ever heard horns before, if not he is in for a surprise!

mobile is next, his will be even better, then he will do a sale page for me, everybody will have to take a number, then we can all buy Khorn clones or Tom Brennan's JBL models, yippee!!!

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and to think i passed one up a few months ago because it was at $800. something does not jive about that auction - but yeah .. it's all about presentation. The pictures, the link to the review and the fact that he was only going to charge $70 for shipping. This guy certainly knew how to advertise - gee, i could have bought a pair, pay $1,000 for shipping and it still would not have cost that much.

To the person that bought the speakers ... my hat's off to you ... i'm sure you'll be happy with them. I guess it's now going to take me longer to find cornwall's since i don't have that kind of money.

and to think i passed up a pair of klipschorn selling locally for $1,500.

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$1850.00 for CornBreadWalls! The buyer must be a collector or lost his mind.

The most I would pay for these in NEW condition,in the original box...never unpacked is about $900.Yes I would these are classic Klipsch.But almost two grand USD!

A Klipschhorn yes would be worth this in perfect cindition,not a CornBreadWall.Even if AutoMobileHome has a pair. cwm27.gif

The buyer cleaned up his speakers,waxed the imperfections out and took great pics.Posted plenty of hoopla and lured the fish.Ah what a great presentation can do.

Still as great as they are the Cornwall is worth around a grand.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Evidently the Cornwalls are worth $1850,to someone.Doesn't matter what I think,or anyone else for that matter.

There's more 'FISH' swimming around ear,if you know what I mean!

BTW,local fella has a pair of K'Horns,black w/ black grills, $1700 pr.


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Hey Ears,

More tripe from above the border, eh? I figure you know as much about vintage Klipsch as I do about the actual existance of the contents of your home system. Ahh, enough banter.

Seriously though, although $1850 does seem a hell of a lot in relation to what these speakers have been going for in the past, I will reiterate once more that I have heard very few new speakers(and surely not from the modern Klipsch line i.e. RF-5) under $2500 that compete with the life, immediacy, and magic of the vintage Cornwall with Alnico and Type B. I wouldnt have said this without hearing it with my own ears (I dont need to name myself after the body part), but alas, it is true.

In all actuality, in my opinion, the damn vintage Cornwalls are worth every bit of $2000 judging on sonics alone. It's just a shock that others are finally realizing it. Of course, where that puts the other vintage Klipsch in the price scheme is a bit tricky... But for sonics, and just speaking of the Cornwall alone, $1850 couldnt buy you a more life-like speaker in 2002.


This message has been edited by mobile homeless on 01-14-2002 at 01:05 AM

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I'm gonna have to agree with mobile. I paid a heafty sum for my Cornwall II's. I wouldn't trade back for twice the amount. Of course, they were in mint condition in the original boxes in just the finish I was looking for. The point is... this speaker has a very loyal following.


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Cornwalls were built to last a lifetime, so it's not like buying a car that's practically worthless in five years (making it a poor investment).

Pay for the Cornwalls once, get the ones you want, recover from the expense - end of story. Also holds true for other vintage Klipsch.

That guy will certainly recover from the expense of his lovely Cornwalls LONG before he gets tired of them.

Warm regards,


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Since nothing is available from Klipsch new that compares with the Heritage line I expect to see prices keep rising. I feel really good bout' my $650.00 pair of Scala's!! Did you see the midrange horns from Scala's sell for over $400.00 on ebay?? Are we in danger of people parting out old Heritage speakers since the parts may be worth more than the whole?


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Seems that Heritage prices are on the up. I have discovered that Heresy 2 speakers are now changing hands hre in Greece for more than I paid for mine brand new, only 10 months ago.

The longer we go on without Heritage production the more this will continue. Klipsch Heritage speakers have constant demand (duh - that is why they kept making them so long). No production means the returns should start getting pretty tempting for me - in about 1,000 years that is!

Oh - and if you are interested - Heresy 2's change hands here for $1,400, used. We cant by Cornwalls for anything below $2,500 and KHorns for $10,000.

Hold on to your hats folks - it will be like that in the US soon...


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Hmmmm......I guess I should feel guilty for scoring my Cornwalls for $500 just 2 weeks ago on e-bay. NOT! $51/per to ship from TX to CA. Guess I could re-list them with creative marketing and upgrade to another set of Khorns for rear surrounds instead of CW's. Man o man....decisions decisions.....



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Andy stated:

"That guy will certainly recover from the expense of his lovely Cornwalls LONG before he gets tired of them."

My sentiments exactly. I am the guy, and here is the story:

A friend recently informed me about the beautiful Cornwalls for sale in Berkeley, California, eg. close enough so I could pick them up myself. By the time I found out about them , however, these babies which had sat on the floor in the shop at $800 were now on eBay with a "buy it now" for $1200. I am sure you all remember them about a week ago.

After some research in the "completed auctions" section of eBay I discovered that someone had recently purchased a similarly clean pair offered down in Florida by excercising the "buy it now" option for $1200. I was all set to plunk down the $1200 "buy it now" for the Berkeley pair, but my friend (who got his for $600 privately a while back) informed me that Cornwalls come up frequently on eBay and that $800 was the good price AND I should maybe hear them first!

Weather conditions prevented me from getting down to Berkeley to hear that pair before the "reserve" was met on eBay, at which point making the "buy it now" option no longer available. I believe the reserve had only been the same $800 they were trying to get on the floor of the shop. I was able to go down to the shop and hear the Cornwalls with a handful of my favorite CDs (correctly assuming they would not be set up to demo with vinyl), and I would still be able to race home (an hour away) and still slam down a

"sniper" bid at the last minute, assuming I liked them which I did indeed. They were way better than anything else in the shop, not that there was all that much to compare them to. While in the shop, another prospective local bidder came in with his handful of CDs and he and his wife had big smiles when they heard the sounds and looked rather determined that they would be getting them. We had friendly conversation, but I didn't really mention in so many words that I was a competitor. We knew some of the same people, and he was a nice enough guy.

After returning home in time for the bidding I did have second thoughts about the competition now that I had met the person I would be bidding against and he knew who I was and could probably deduce that I was the competitor. But such is life and that wasn't really going to stop me. As you remember the bidding kept creeping up from the $800 and was fast approaching the "buy it now" price of $1200 (plus 8=% tax but no shipping since I could pick them up). I knew I should have plunked down the "buy it now" earlier, but now it was way too late for that, and I know from past eBay experience that more often than not with highly desirable items the "buy it now" price can be the best deal in the long run. But alas, where does regret get you. So I prepared to slam down my sniper bid, now realizing I would have to way exceed this "buy it now" $1200 price in order to be competitive, but how much more than $1200???

At least now I knew for sure that I like the sound of the Cornwalls I had heard.

As the adrenalin pumped and I watched the highly accurate digital clock on the desk I got ready to slam down the last minute no-going-back sniper bid which was somewhat over the $1200 mark. Shaky hands and pumping adrenalin is not conducive to calm and cool operations, and to make a short story longer, I ended up mis-spelling my own damn password! Washout! No Cigar!

I had a boatload of ready rationalizations. The other guy who won was indeed the guy I met in the store, so I am glad he got them. Also now I would have time to research the alternatives to Cornwalls before bidding on the Arizona pair with the $70 shipping (no tax) and only faceless competitors.

So now I start doing online searches for what-the-hell other speakers are out there besides Cornwalls that would give me as much bang for the buck. This was not so easy and many of the alternatives I see you discussing or mentioning in this forum now I did not come across in my internet searches then. I only found exotic high-end speakers for much bigger prices. Admittedly I became hasty and I would be the first to admit I am not well informed about the subject, I just wanted to get some good speakers and move on to other things like listening to and making music. I started to get the impression that the Cornwalls filled a niche which was difficult or impossible to cover with more readily available items. I am an old-timer and I tend to have some of that "the older stuff is better" syndrome. I got obsessed with the Cornwalls and was determined to get the pair from Arizona, figuring all I had to do is outbid by a couple of dollars whatever anyone else felt they were worth. That is the concept of "sniping" which, if you haven't noticed is DANGEROUS to the pocket book. eBay has been a great source for finding obscure and rare recordings, but now that other collectors are hip to it there has been an enormous escalation of prices. It is without a doubt a sellers market. eBay is determining a new set of prices for things, especially if they are collectible or otherwise "scarce" in some sense. Since I had already seen this process in the two or more years I have been using eBay, I started to realize that there was a different kind of valuation as the result of such a global marketplace. Rare recordings (vinyl) you could buy for $35 are now selling for $200. I had to totally give up this as a source of records, besides I already have plenty (10k) to listen to. Within about a week or so I had watched the value of $800 Cornwalls go quickly and most assuredly to $1200 and I also knew that this would not be the end of the line. If you look at the bidders I beat, you will see that I only outbid the next highest bidder by a few dollars. I had decided that if it was worth that to him, it was worth a couple more dollars to me. At this point, looking into the bidding histories of several past Cornwall auctions,you will see now that there are quite a few bidders willing to go higher than $1200 for a convincingly clean pair.

The Arizonal seller did a great job of display and promotion and inspired much confidence by his past history and his email communications. So maybe I did not get the super bargain this time, but I can make up the difference from all the other super bargains I have indeed acquired in areas more to my expertise. All I have to do is unload some other bargains as an eBay seller now and I am cool again. eBay giveth and eBay taketh away. It is either an eBay heartbreak or eBay heart attack. The heartattack cost you more, but at least you get your goodies. The one's that got away are totally boring stories.

I am sure the Cornwalls will sound wonderful with my little Dynakit 70 tube amp and Hafler pre amp, and/or with a large Carver receiver I am currently using along with a modified Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntable from KAB electronics.

Am I at least in the club now?


-Clipped and Shorn

PS, hey fini, now you know the rest of the story.

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Here is the complete bidding history on the Cornwalls that are on their way to my house as we speak:

-Clipped and Shorn

$1,850.00 Jan-11-02 19:05:37 PST

$1,825.00 Jan-11-02 18:22:44 PST

$1,700.00 Jan-11-02 15:28:24 PST

$1,625.00 Jan-11-02 14:46:56 PST

$1,600.00 Jan-11-02 15:27:37 PST

$1,500.00 Jan-11-02 15:26:36 PST

$1,330.00 Jan-11-02 13:04:38 PST

$1,230.00 Jan-11-02 08:53:48 PST

$1,200.00 Jan-06-02 11:49:29 PST

$1,200.00 Jan-10-02 16:11:19 PST

$1,100.00 Jan-08-02 05:12:05 PST

$1,000.00 Jan-04-02 17:41:07 PST

$1,000.00 Jan-06-02 10:08:01 PST

$920.00 Jan-06-02 10:06:58 PST

$900.00 Jan-06-02 08:50:50 PST

$850.00 Jan-05-02 18:09:18 PST

$800.00 Jan-03-02 17:16:09 PST

$800.00 Jan-05-02 18:06:03 PST

$750.00 Jan-05-02 18:05:47 PST

$700.00 Jan-02-02 17:25:38 PST

$700.00 Jan-03-02 17:15:50 PST

$600.00 Jan-02-02 13:44:39 PST

$600.00 Jan-02-02 17:24:58 PST

$400.00 Jan-02-02 05:40:52 PST

$287.00 Jan-02-02 11:52:02 PST

$276.00 Jan-02-02 08:30:59 PST

$250.00 Jan-02-02 08:30:33 PST

$230.00 Jan-02-02 06:24:09 PST

$200.00 Jan-02-02 05:28:32 PST

$167.45 Jan-01-02 20:52:43 PST

$100.00 Jan-02-02 02:45:49 PST

$50.00 Jan-02-02 02:00:00 PST

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