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Ksw 10


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All I hear about is the trouble folks have with KSW subs,I have had my set up,quintets cnt/rears/SB2 frts/KSW10 for over a year and it sounds better with every cd/dvd played. I have heard million dollar systems and to my 10 cent ears there is not that much difference. Thanks Joe

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Firstly - count yourself lucky. If you are happy with your sound never let anyone talk you into something else - you are going to save a fortune.

I had a very similar system to you about 2 years ago - since then I have parted with about $20,000!!!

Just out of interest what was the £1 million system you heard?


2 * Heresy 2 (mains)

2 * Homemade horn speakers (rears)

1 * REL Strata 3 sub

Accuphase E211 amp.

Tube monoblocks with separate pre-amp (solid state).

Marantz CD6000 player

Sony NS900 SACD/DVD player

Stax Headphones

Humax 5400 digital satellite receiver

Sharp Video

32" Sony flat screen 16:9 TV

Mogami interconnects

Silver Synergistic speaker cable

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I have a ksw 10 and I'm quite happy. Soon I will go upto a ksw 15 and I'll stop. Any further for me will not be necessary. I'm lucky as well. Too much upgrading will not get you better and better performance.


On second thought I'll get a Krell Master Reference sub.

No, Sorry....I just checked what's left on my credit card and my last pay stub.

I think I'll stick to the Klipsch ksw 15. 1.gif

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there was a time when I thought like you. I like to think of it as system envy and denial. I would listen to my SF-2's, go down to thie HiFi Sound in my town (extreme hifi) and listen to something there and than try to convince myself that even though the stuff their costed 10 times more my system still sound equal, if not better.

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"I have heard million dollar systems and to my 10 cent ears there is not that much difference."

Then you have never heard even a good $50000 system.

One thing is sure,if you are happy with the sound of your system(no matter waht system you have)do not waste money on any upgrades.

I can say with conviction my larger system outperforms 99% of all quality systems audiophiles have. 1.gif

And yet I will upgrade,because I feel like I can still get the magic 1% or so better performance.

Perfection does not exist but you one can get quite close

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