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Klipsch system goes unnoticed for over a year.


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Highly recommended.

I realized the other day that my Klipsch system in my HT room has gone unnoticed for over a year. And that's a great thing.

I have a set of RF82 floor standing speakers, an RC62 center, and
RS62 for rear surrounds, that I have had for over a year now. Last
night I was marveling at the absolute clarity, power, dynamic range,
absence of coloration or distortion, and lifelike sound this system
produces. And I was listening from the other end of the house, while
the family watched a movie in the bonus room. [:o]

The aspect of
Klipsch that sets them apart from other speakers is their efficiency.
Simply put, efficiency is how loud the speaker can play for a given
input signal strength. Effectively this efficiency will allow you to
do one of two things, or both. You can either play at a loudness that
is comfortable to you with less power from your receiver. Or you can
use a higher power receiver which means that the overall system will
always be able to play louder than what is required with no strain or
distortion. For the dynamics required by Home Theatre material, this quality is invaluable, and will allow you to have a true theatre
experience in your home. Indeed many theatres use Klipsch commercial
speakers, or other horn-loaded speakers with similar efficiency and
dynamic range. This also means for music listening that the dynamic
range an power of instruments can be reproduced without strain, and
will be very life-like.

But the thing I notice the most about my Klipsch system is that I don't notice it.

I notice is the music and material itself. The Klipsch system
reproduces these faithfully without drawing attention to itself. I
don't notice coloration or distortion that most systems reveal under
pressure. Rather you are just immersed in the experience.

you are considering an HT set-up you will do well to consider Klipsch.
After over a year with mine, I have had no regrets, would change
nothing about them, and have spent many hours of critical listening,
enjoying the fact that you can focus on the music and not be distracted
by the system.

The thing I do miss is the interaction and helpful exchange of ideas I found here during my purchase decision process. But once you get Klipsch, you just begin to enjoy what they do. And how many times can you come here and talk about what a good decision it was, how great they are, and folks not get bored. [|-)] Well, add one more time to that.[:P]

If you are considering Klipsch for Home Theatre (or audiophile use for that matter) don't hesitate, just do it. Best audio decision I have ever made.

If only they made car audio speakers....

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I thought about this the other day - Klipsch needs to manufacture a few key car speakers. My vehicle requires 6x9's and 4x10's I believe so the ceiling speakers won't work.

Bose has ingrained itself into the American consumers mind by being everywhere, people get sales pitches on cars touting the incredible sound system by Bose. European cars utilize a lot of Alpine.

C'mon Klipsch, put Roy to work coming up with a couple speakers sized for automobile use and make Klipsch the supplier of true high quality audio car speakers.

I will be glad to use my vehicle(s) as the test bed.

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Anarchist... as someone who has "modified" a whole bunch of things.... don't let the stock cut outs hold you back. As long as there is room you can put a round speaker in place of a 6x9 ( usually a 6-7" or sometimes 8" ) with the help of a 1/4" thick piece of MDF or plywood. My old chevy caprice had 4 x 6 in the front doors,,,,, when I was done there was a 6.5" co-axial under the factory door panel.

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Been well, thanks. As far as audio, its been weird for me to buy my system, and just be content with it. Nothing to change, nothing to improve, nothing to tweak, no problems to correct. Haven't had this experience in audio before. I literally haven't known what to do with myself. Thinking about writing a book in totally unrelated area.

Had a little foray into car audio, again, where I can't seem to achieve the same audiohomeostasis. Reworking the car now with an Alpine CDA-9887 (implements the Audyssey software in a car- I want to compare with the HarmonKardon approach if and when the JBL MS8 comes out), Sinfoni amps, Dynaudio components, and JLAudio sub, though I may change out the speakers for SEAS Lotus Reference soon.

Read a great book lately : "Boyd:The Fighter Pilot that Changed the Art of War". I think guy like you might enjoy this book on a number of levels. Google John Boyd Destruction and Creation to get his paper by that name. Amazing insight, and applicability in a number of contexts, if you enjoy engineering, philosophy, system dynamics, that sort of thing. He came up with a formula that was used to quantify the various performance parameters of fighters, so that their capabilities could be exploited strategically. The formula later was used for development of the F15, F16 and others. It occurred to me while reading about his development of the formula that it would have direct applicability to speaker development, especially comparison of prototypes. If you have time to read the paper and book, I'd find your thoughts on the matter interesting.

I would like to come to the pilgrimmage. When is it? Last year I had a conflict with vacation or Scout camp as I recall. If there's no conflict, I'd like to make it. I owe you a beer( or two or three or so) from having picked your brain on subwoofer design and such.

What have you been up to? the last time I talked to you, you'd just received a boatload of Rhythmik audio sub amps for some project....

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