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Help to Battle Bright Sound


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I am using an ACT-3 with Anthem MCA-2 for my two channel listening with the sources of a Yamaha 5 Disc cd player circa 1999 about $250 brand new and a Sony 550 DVD payer with the coax digital out to my Processor and Paradigm SE-5 MK III speakers. I have been told that the Yamaha and Sony sources can be bright and I am hearing it slightly on the bright side. I understand the Yamaha affecting the sound in reference to brightness since it is an analog source, but I do not understand how the Sony can be causing my brightness since the DAC's of the ACT-3 are deing used for the sound and I do not beleive the ACT-3 to be bright. Would appreciate any opinion on the assessment of the sources being my bright problem and any input on how to reduce the brightness. I am using MIT-series 4 interconnects from the ACT-3 to the Amp and monster from the sources to ACT-3. I am using simple 14 gage conductors from the amp to speakers and I am bi-wiring the connection at the speaker end. Ask any questions and I will try to respond so I can learn more about it.

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A nice L-pad network on the tweeter works wonders.

Kills a lot of the edge and brightness since the tweeter does seem to be a bit louder than the mid horn with typical sources.

The other thing that helps is a different cable (bi-wired) for the mid/tweeter section. I found that the braided Cat-5 actually took off a little edge vs most other wires.

Peter Z.

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oosting, I have tried but to no avail, i have turned the ACT-3 upside down, backwards and stood it on end but cannot seem to find the tone controls. Please oh Please , with all of your great wisdom oosting, help me find my treble control so that I may follow your wonderful and insightful advice.

I really hope you were trying to be funny.

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I am planning to start with the sources. I will be getting back into the turntable scene to play the old albums I still have. When I get the upgrade for the ACT-3 I will have analog pass through. Does anybody have suggestions for a turntable (new or used) less than $500 and a turntable pre around $100-200. I will also upgrade the CD player. Any suggestions for all of the above would be appreciated.

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"I really hope you were trying to be funny."

Well, geez, maybe that's what the smiley faced SOB on my post was all about! Look at the top left just to the left of the posting date.


I agree with deang. Get a good set of speakers! I'd go for the Klipschorns though.

That little add-on circuit you bought: does it have ANY adjustments. Like how much of the high frequency it attenuates? If you don't want to spring for the Klipschorns, you could drill a hole in th front of your speakers and put in L-pads on the tweets. Might want to put them on the mids (if so equipped) also.

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ok,ok oosting, point made. I do apologize as I did not see the graphic.

Although obviously I am not the only unobservant one here. Or again you are playing clever with me, because I did not buy the add on circuit, aab3rd did. He said that they were out and it is on back order. New speakers are a plan, but all the input I have received said that the Paradigms are not bright and usually pretty neutral. I think it is my sources or my room. Or a combination of both. As I stated before I will be upgrading my sources before the speakers. I am on a budget and I try to maximize performance for the dollar. The klipschs may be a path to take. But any input on humble sources would be greatly appreciated.

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