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Blu Ray Calibration Disk on sale at Buy.com


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How does this differ from the Avia disc other than its a blue ray format. I have a PS3 i play my BR on but my projector is calibrated using the avia system, blue,red and green glases. Will this do a better job? even though my pj is not 1080p how much difference will it make?

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I believe that the HD and SD color spaces and standards are different.

You'd want the old DVE or AVIA or SD dvd players and the HD ones for blu ray and HD to properly calibrate brightness, black level, and the colors.

I think.

Also, with the enhanced resolution, you will be able to calibrate the sharpness controls better.

For instance, I am going ot use this disk to calibrate my HDTV, but since everything is hooke dup thugh my denon, I'm going ot use my old avia / DVE disk to calibrate my actual SD dvd player since the player it self has color controls.

That way my ps3, xbox 360, and blu rays will look great since my tv is calibrated as should, and my dvd player will have it's own settings so nothing ever has to change on my tv.

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