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Klipsch 4.1 In Montreal???


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I was browsing the Dumoulin website and checked to see the Klipsch section, to my surprise there were the regular V.2-400 and what was this.... 4.1's??? Is this double vision or a computer glitch? There was no description for them or anything, just the price!!! Tell me what you guys think! Here's the link. It's long.


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Maybee their taking orders or getting ready for them. Lots of sites make you fill in the order and then they tell you they don't have it in stock yet but "will contact you as soon as they arrive" biggrin.gif

429.00 is expensive for the v2-400's i paid 389.00 in ottawa and heard a comm.on the radio a few months back about a store that had them priced at 369.00.

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I paid the same as Seb, for my pro's. Actually, it was a Christmas present from my dad. I'm still waiting for them, I had to return them for a sub problem. I can't wait anymore!!! Well at least I have my dad's Klipsch KG-4's to keep me happy for a while.

Thanks for the responses guys!

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That's the place Swerv.

I bought mine a year ago (wow a year has already gone by with my pro's. Ahh the memories:d)

Anyhoo, i got mine at Si-com and they went under last august.(they owed Klipsch $32000) My buddy had a 50.00$ deposit on the pro's and lost it frown.gif (he never got around to getting them).

I was lucky, last february (2000) i paid mine up-front (445.00 with taxes i think) and it took six weeks to get them.

I felt lucky biggrin.gif

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Cool, I'm the store reprensatative!! LOL!!

Well, yeah, we actually sell the V2-400 for 429$ but forget about it! My collegue just bought the last one of the company or almost today.

I ordered by my Buyers some boxes of 4.1, I guess we'll get them in 2 weeks or so. Price is 449$, and if you guys want those puppies less expensive like those lucky guys in Ottawa, well I wont get the price lower than 449$ biggrin.gif

UNLESS!!! Of course, that you come in Lasalle (Montreal) and buy them from me...hehehe..special deal for 400$ what do you think about that? Just ask for me...

Here is the number : (514) 368-3937

then I can say "EAT THIS" to the Ontarians stores..... biggrin.gif

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Funny you mention that Baz, I put down a $40 deposit at Si-Com last summer, but the copy of the invoice showed the remaider due to be $249... So I was all happy thinking I would get them for a hundred bucks less.. Then the bastards went under. I got my deposit back , but had to shell out 420 at AudioTronic... too bad I didn't know Tolga sold them.


Caring is the first step toward disappointment.

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Well, at least you got your deposit back Windstorm biggrin.gif

My buddy still hasn't bought them, i keep inviting him over to watch dvd's in the hopes that he finally goes for them but so far no go.

Needless to say i don't hang around his place to much now. boo hoo biggrin.gif lol

Especially now that i got cable hookup nad been playing UT online everynight for a week.


UT + Promedias = Warm fuzzy feeling

he he

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