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Price error in my favour - but will it come off....


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A friend of mine called me excitedly last night from a local audio supplier. They have offered him the Sony XA-777 SACD player at 2020 euros (about $1700 I think).

This seems to be significanly below the normal asking price (around $3000) so we think it is an error.

Anyway they have 2 in stock at other locations so we have ordered them both. Supposedly we will get them on Friday.

Wish me luck people.


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I agree that Stereophile is a pale comparison of what it once was. I have basically been getting the mess since the late 70s and watching it decline was a painful undertaking. Alas, they realize it as well as the price has dropped to the Road and Track promotion territory of $11 a year.

The equipment tested these days, as well as the comments, have virtually no relation to the gear I currently use. They have gradually slipped into the mainstream looking for $$ as they were hanging by a thread. John Atkinson is slipping into dementia as well....


The writing is rather dismal. But for the last six years I just keep hitting renew almost as an ode to days gone by as you cant even buy a horrid meal from a fast food shack for that price...

I now am having a hard time telling the difference between the two... I think the fast food stays with you longer...



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Originally posted by matthew2:

Hey guys.

I dont know a lot about SACD, but the sony SCD-XE670 goes for $499.99 CND. Why are the ones onthe BB everyone talks about cost $2000???

his is the Sony XA-777 not the XE670



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