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Klipsch At Head-Fi CanJam08

Professor Thump

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Hey Headbangers,Klipsch has announced to Head-Fi that the good Dr. Cochlear and Professor Thump will be showing our new headphones at CanJam08.

If you are in the Florida area and interested in headphones or high end equipment you invited to attend CanJam08. There will be many friendly headphone geeks such as yours truely who will be there with their latest headphone designs. If you are a vinyl record fan Head-fi's logo for this year is in the spirit of vintage vinyl. Premium headphone amps in portable solid state and vacuum tube configurations will be a plenty.

If you are headphone enthusiast or just a permanent commuter who wants to zone out this may be your gig. Rooms are available at very good prices if you are travelling from OOT. The dates will be May 3-4. You can get more information from Head-Fi’s website.

Stick it in your ear!


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Here is our artwork to help promote the event. My thanks to Matt Miller and Katie Voorhest for their help in putting this logo together. Pretty cool huh? Klipsch has alway been about heritage so this is a perfect match.

You will also want to note that there is a similar flavor here to our Klipsch Pilgrimage. Head-fiers love Tubes, Speakers and Partying! Go figure. So Saturday night there will be a Blues Band entertaining us all, but you must make your reservations quickly. Please see the links on Head-fi's website to find out more about this spectacular event where we will be making some new announcements.

Come join us in Ft. Lauderdale!


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