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where to sell Cornwalls ?


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I am fishing for ideas about the best place to sell my Cornwalls. I don't like the idea of the whole ebay hassle only to have to post that I refuse to ship them. I simply refuse to ship these speakers, they are so big.

Is there a web site that one can post speaker ads that actually get looked over? Of course,I realize everyone at this site already owns Klipsch gear, but I am hoping you have diverse purchasing experiences.

These are 1970 era, ser#13R166 and 13R167, oiled walnut. I want $650.00. Any ideas are very much appreciated. Although I seem to find any number of audio equipment sales sites, I can't seem to find a single speaker specific sales site. Horn specific is even better.



Portland, Oregon

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I would put them on ebay you probly get 100o or more for them plus Its not hard to have them shipped.

A pro packing co can have them picked up packed and shiped for you to anyware.I live in boston mass area and have bought 2 khorns One corwall and shorthorn all shiped from the west cost.Its really no big deal to have big stuf shipped.At your asking price even with pro packing and shipping they still are a deal.

Are they verticl mounted mid/twetters? I might bee intersted .


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You have found the place to sell them, my friend! Willing buyers abound here. Yours are '77's. VERY desireable esp. in good condition. Just don't do a search here on Cornwalls: you'll be inundated with fascinating information, and you may get second (or as many as fifth) thoughts about selling them. Good luck!


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I concur with fini - sell them here, there are many appreciative buyers here. Looks like you have a lead already.

I wouldn't ship them....they are too expensive and cannot be replaced. If you have an issue with shipping damage, the best you can do is to file an insurance claim - you can get the money back, but the buyer still won't have the speakers. As a buyer, I will not have these big speakers shipped either - I would pick them up - I trust my own hands more than a shipper, plus I get to see the speakers first.

I use e-bay to find stuff too, but when it comes to Klipsch, this board really helps out. Generally prices are fair here, and the members here on the BBS appreciate the sales offers here. Keep em in the family!!


First we Rock, then we Roll!

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Noone has mentioned that you CAN specify in your eBay description that you choose not to ship and will only sell to someone who is willing to pick up locally. That has got to be your best bet.


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Thanks for the encouragement, folks.

I am selling because my listening room width allows me to only place them 2 feet apart, edge to edge. I have just always wanted to try these models out. I have had a very old pair of Heresy's for some time. Those became my wife's speakers for our upstairs. Of course, I am properly relegated to the basement family room for my "he man" stereo rig :-) The Cornwalls are not going to work in my listening space, alas.

I am back to using my skinny "audiphile approved" speakers. Not as much fun, though.

Well, I may just post these on Ebay if my recent inquiries don't pan out.Thanks for the help.


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Hey, hamonrye, I understand the situation. I bought a pair of Cornwalls and had them shipped from Jackson Hole, WY to San Francisco. I am interested in your speakers and have a niece with a pick-up truck in Salem that can come by and get them. I paid $625 delivered for the last pair and will pay you $600 cash and have them picked up at your door. No hassle and they will get a Klipsch loving home in my music room! I have another vintage Klipsch experiment I want to try. HornEd


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and such... Tweakin' On!

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There are times when living in Greece has its disadvantages.....

$600 - the stuff that dreams are made of - around here anyway!!

Please find a nice home for them!


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dbflash... thanks for the welcome back. I am between houses in a way. I still have the one in S.F. and another in Texas... but I think I am coming out of retirement to found a publishing house in Nevada... so I am looking for something between S.F. and Lake Tahoe. I have also been taking time out to get healthier. I am thinking about building a multi-channel Cornwall music system since I like my first pair of Corns have performed so well.

I'll probably be out of pocket for a while yet... but I will try to check in more often. Oh, and if you run into someone with a single walnut Cornwell to sell, Danny, steer them my way.

So many Klipschers have welcomed me back I am beginning to feel like a heal for being out of the loop so long. cwm36.gif

But I am back to spread the word... Get three main speakers and use them as LMain, CMain, & RMain... it will be the wave of the future! cwm16.gifcwm16.gifcwm16.gif HornEd

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Likewise Edster00... Shaking free of the little men in white coats... even for a bit... is great! Oh, those men are cardiologists... and diebetologists... the other guys haven't found me on their list yet!

As you can tell, I am head over heels in love with the three main speaker match for 5.1 and above. I will be running some test at the request of some of the good folks on this board. I think you will find the results interesting.

I'll be looking for your posts for a few wry comments. cwm13.gif HornEd

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hey kevin,

If you're interested, i just bought 2 pairs of RB5-II's (Black) - Only using one pair so the other one is still in the box. Absolutely brand new from Tweeters and paid $850 per pair. I'm willing to trade if you are .. we each take care of our own shipping. Let me know if you're willing to explore the possibility - if you are then please send pictures of your cornwalls. thanks.

*** I know the cornwalls are a lot more expensive to ship than the RB5's but that's all I can offer. Don't know if this is a fair trade in everyone's eyes but that's all up to you .. maybe we both come out with what we want ... or maybe not.

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Gadzooks, Jmon! Methinks ye be closer than doest ye thinketh! Still a pleasure to follow the white rabbit through Klipsch wonderland. cwm7.gif (They need to get some proper ears for this bunny smilie) HornEd

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