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My Klipsch Success Story!


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I thought I'd start a topic about the first time you and your Promedia's met. About a year ago I read a review in Pc-Gamer magazine about these speakers, and showed it to my dad. He had bought a pair of Klipsch KG-4's a while back, so he recognized the Klipsch name. I said, "these are cool speakers, but who needs 4 speakers for a computer." (sarcastically) Obviously I wasn't living yet! I forgot about the speakers, because I didn't ever think I would need anything more then my two Labtec speakers. Then came the day when I bought a Soundblaster Live card, and realized that more speakers = better gaming experience. By this time I had seen more ads of the Pro's in Pc-Gamer and Maximum Pc, both praising these speakers. But 429.00 CDN was a high price for speakers, and didn't have a job at the time. Then came Christmas... Later on Christmas day, my mother said that there was something left in my stocking, so I reached in and pulled out 6 magnet letters (you know the one's kids put on the refridgerator to spell out words) But the letters were H, S, C, K, L, P, I. I said this doesn't spell anything, what kinda stupid word has 5 consonants and one vowel??? After a while, with a little help, I finally spelled the word "Klipsch." I wasn't able to put two and two together, because I never was expecting the Pro's. My dad then called me upstairs, and there was this HUGE box in the middle of the hall. I thought it was just an empty box. My dad told me to open it up, he said it was filled with wrapping paper, and that I had to throw the stuff out. So I opened it up and, AAAAHHHH!!!! KLIPSCH PROMEDIA'S v.2-400's. I think I passed out for at least a couple of hours! I set them up and began the Klipsch experience. Ever since, they are my pride and joy of my computer. Well, I guess that's a long enough post. Thanks for keeping up with me!!!

Write your Story!!!

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LOL good one!mine wasnt quite so interesting, i had someone demo them for me in the store , of course this was not the ideal place for them where all the customers were walking by and people workin in desks all around, the salesperson only brought the volume to 40% and i said ok thats good enough for me. i brought them home and they sounded 300000000 times better. I was very happy, my dad had never heard of klipsch nor was he easily impressed we had a shitty home stereo before and when i pluged it into my panasonic diskman and played Sultans of Swing by the Dire Straits, he literally sai:. "holy $@%#" and i dont hear him swear very often so i think he was impressed, and so were all my friends to come over after i bought them. they were like ..

"THX wha???!! dayum! thats too loud!!" of course all my friends want a set now. meh! followers! (i dont blame them though hehe)

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Mmm...nice idea to put your "How I got my Klipsch" story.

Mine was a very long... I work in a store (Dumoulin..for the ones that live in Quebec) and I first met those babies 8 months ago... I loved them immediately, but hey... It's 400 box! I said Ok.... Too bad.. Gonna buy them in a year or two. So finally, after 3 months, I wanted new speakers, cuz I had 2 really cheap ones...(and I say "CHEAP"). Then I bought the Altec ASC56 at 200$, those were very nice quality speakers, powerful enough for my 1½ appartment.. =D

...Then.... like 6 months after that, one of my friend made a party but told me "HEY MIKE! I have a problem... everything is prepared, it's gonna be very cool..and blah blah blah.. BUT!!! I DONT HAVE GOOOOOOODDD SPEAKERS!!!"

I said Ok, I'll try to fix this. So I just borrowed a pair of Klipsch from the store (hehehe..we can do that!) and had the party.. Everyone were amazed (or almost). So finally, when came the second party with the same guy with no speakers... I borrowed the same pair.. and before leaving the store with them... I made.. "AH pis ****! (In english that means... "AH and why not") Then I bought them...

That's it.... And I didnt regret it at all!


I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!

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Mine's boring. I just bought mine here and got them 2 weeks later. smile.gif I only had a 2 channel sound card but I was still impressed by the great sound coming out of the front 2 speakers. The next day I bought a y-jack and got wonderful 4-speaker sound. Then I got a SB Live 5.1 and that's it.

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So I just borrowed a pair of Klipsch from the store (hehehe..we can do that!) and had the party.

Ahahaha (lucky bstd.)

My storie of how i got to getting these babies is this:

Arround sept. '99 i got my first half decent pc (cel.300) then i told my buddy i wanted to play some games, and he just happened to have the Half-Life demo. Well HOLY S**T! I got so much into the game that i started to soop-up my pc. First was vid. card then came the 19" and when came time for sound i spent a lot of time reading reviews. I was planning on getting sb x-gamer but for speakers i was really close to getting Cambrige pf-2000 i think then at the last minute(night before i was goign to buy them) i stumbled accross a review of the Klipsch Promedia's. Right away my heart started to pound (i know the Klipsch name), i remember back in the early 80's my friend had a set of Klipsch Legend series (i think), he still has them.

We used to smoke up the room somthing awfull and listen to bands like Venom, Slayer, Mettalica, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost, Destruction, Motorhead and so on...

Anyways (long story eh?), i've never regret having bought these babies, they're totally awsome for gaming.

First was Half-Life then Daikatana, Soldier of Fortune, NOLF and now Deus Ex.

TOMORROW GETTING CABLE, watchout Unreal Tournament fans biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Nice topic idea Aknar biggrin.gif

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