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I have Heresy's for sale


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I live in Little Rock. They are Birch raw with cane grills, no risers. They have a coat of poly urethane on them. They have some minor scratches, but are in fine condition. I hate to part with them , but my wife says etiher they go or the cornwalls go. oh well...

I will get some pics and serial nubers and post them. I was really just curious what they were worth. I did not realize anyone here might be interested


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4400 DOLLARS? Good God, this is getting ridiculuscwm16.gif


Klipsch Fortes, Oiled Oak

McCormack DNA-1 Power Amp

McCormack TLC Pre-Amp

Adcom GCD-700 CD Player

NHT SA3 Subwoofer Amp

Hsu TN1220 Subwoofer

Old Akai cassette Deck

Akai AAR22 used as tuner

Nordost Solar Wind interconnects

Kimber 4TC Speaker Cable

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