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Help with Pioneer RT-1020L reel to reel


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I just picked it up this morning. But it does not have power cord. Please show me where i can buy it online. Can anyone help me with the manual? I do not know who to use it.

My passed away uncle left me +250 reel to reel tapes. I really want to listen to them.

Please help.

Thank you very much

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Greetings. I have the same Pioneer model. Finding an original power cord is a bit of a trick. There is a possibility you could make one out of a 2 prong extension cord, especially an older one you might find in a second hand store...that would be my first choice. 2nd choice would be to go to your local electronic supply house or Radio Shack and find an IEC power cord recepticle to wire in to the Pioneer. It is the same sixe and would be an easy conversion.

Regarding the operation of the unit...I could kind of "talk you through" how to operate it...just let me know what you need.

Bill H.

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That is similar to the 2 prong connector on my TEAC RTR. I agree that the easiest thing would be to replace it (or have it replaced) with a 3 wire IEC connector. Then there are a zillion cords you could use.

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