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I hope I have not already asked this question.

I have some Heresy (I) cabinets. So far, I have a pair of woofers and a pair of crossovers. I now only need the tweeters and the midranges. If anyone has a pair of good Heresy I tweeters or midranges or both for sale, I would be interested. However, my question is whether I could put Heresy II midranges or tweeters in these speakers. Of course I would match the pair. The question is about how the sound would be affected if instead of the speakers being all Heresy I's, I put in two Heresy II tweeters or two Heresy II midranges. Likewise, what would happen if I put in both drivers from the Heresy II?

Is there any experience out there on the subject?

Note that I may find my Heresy I's and render this question moot, but I thought that I would ask. I am not in such a hurry that I could not wait. However, if a good set of drivers from a pair of Heresy II's were to come along at the right price, I am wondering if it would work. Finally, I do know that the Heresy I's loaded from the back and the Heresy II's load from the front. Assuming the sound would be OK or just as good, what kind of problems is that difference going to create using the Heresy I cabinets/

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