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Question on my ideas for Rears in this Reference 7 Setup ...


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Hi Guys,

I picked up a complete 5.1 system recently and wanted to get your advice on my Rear setup in my 7.1 theater ...

Up front, I'm running a Cherry RC-7 and Cherry RF-7s ...

For Rears I was thinking of running my RF-3s and then using the RS-7s for Rear Surrounds ...

All powered with an Harman Kardon AVR-7300 and using the 15" Sub ...

Do you guys feel it would be a better move using the RS-7s as Rears and the RF-3s as Rear Surrounds ???


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in either a 5.1 or 7.1 you want to run the rs-7 as your side surrounds. if you are going 7.1 and you already have rf-3's available, but them as your rear speakers. that way you don't have to buy anything new. looking at your sig, yo ucould also use your rs-3 as your rears too. just another option.

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You're not going to get a heckuva lot of material from the rear surrounds so I'd suggest smallest speakers there.

I run RF-3 towers as side surrounds and RB-75s as rears and my side and rear sound fields are AWESOME. I recommend staying in budget but having properly matched speakers to your front array (and the power to drive them) is going to bring about a more visceral experience as well as better quality sound, imo. :-)

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500 wpc @8ohms............I usually never know what the heck is going on in the movie............but it sounds INCREDIBLE. [:D]

PS........SVS and KLIPSCH responsible for shaking the house. [Y][Y] Gotta luv it. [:D]

..........Try it both ways.......The RB-75 is an awesome speaker.......RF-7's little brother. [:D]

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